December 11, 2009

A Philippine Poem

If my fellow Filipinos read this poem they will know exactly what I am talking about. This poem is dedicated to my beloved country, The Philippines!

Our Suffering Motherland
By Donnalyn Weir

Assassinated by her own blood
Her traitors are the people she thought her beloved
Her sweetness has been abused
Her name has been stained and used

Where is the love she once knew
From her people who fought against her foe
Her heart bleeds to see how her people suffer
Under the "leaders' who want nothing but money and power.

Should her people stand against the abusive beast
So in poverty they will all be released?
She thinks the leaders who supposed to lead
Are the parasites who possess evil and greed

Where are the hardships of Rizal and Bonificio gone?
Where is the freedom she once had?
She, The Philippines is again a prisoner?
Please don't let it happen.
Don't let the beasts rule over her!

Learning POKER

Poker is really becoming popular. Everyone seems to know how to play this game and it is not only for fun but it also deal with small/huge amount of money. My friend once told me that he wants to be a famous poker player and he really wants to learn more about the poker odds. I am not good at poker and I have not even try playing it but I know that there is a site that teach how to play that game even better. I shared it to my friend. He said the site is really cool because it has poker videos and poker odd charts so anyone who wants to be really good at analyzing this game can really be a great poker player. Its poker tools are very amazing too because it help you with the analysis of your game and help you improve your game in general.

I know that there are so many aspiring people who wants to win big in poker. They say it takes experience, good analysis and luck to win this game. Who knows you can also be lucky next time, right? I think it's about time to check the site I am talking about so you would also learn more about this game. Just remember be wise about your money!

December 10, 2009

The Car I Wish to Have this Christmas

For some people, Christmas gifts are just expensive because they are giving expensive gifts like cars. I think it would be awesome to get a gift that expensive. If ever I would write my wishlist on car, I would write the following:

Ford Mustang-- Who doesn't want to have this car? My friend got a red convertible of this and it is really hot. Checking the reviews for this car at I think the new Ford Mustang is awesome. I am dying to have this car. It is a total kick a*s but yes, its price is also not cheap. Its price is as high as $51,325. Wow! That's too expensive, isn't it? But well, you are paying for what you get. This car is definitely on my wishlist.

Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen is also on my list. This car is the best for those who want a fuel-effecient car. This car is also offer luxury and a really nice cool feature. This car is great and I would be very happy to get this as a Christmas present. The price for this car is $19,265 - $25,410. It is still pretty expensive! LOL

Cadillac is also one of my wishlist of course. Darn! This car is just awesome. Who doesn't like this? I think all young people out there love this car. Its name alone can say its a car of luxury and finest features. The brand alone say it is also expensive. I check prices of these cars at and OMG they are expensive. There are even Cadillac over $85k. Man, I want this car!

If you are like me who wants car for Christmas and you want to check the best car for you. Check the car ratings and reviews at and you can read this for more info URL.

Merry Christmas. I hope I get a new car this year!

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Christmas 2009: Things that We're Into

December! I think this is the month when everyone is busy. We go out to go shopping for gifts. And I mean GIFTS with a lot of "S" because we will be giving a lot of gifts to almost everyone we know, making this season named as the season of giving.

The next thing to shopping and giving of gifts is decoration. Yes, this is the season when every house, every mall and all the streets have beautiful lights. Everyone household is just busy decorating their house, putting up their Christmas tree and even putting lights outside the house. Oh! We just love this season.

So, what about me? Well, I am pretty busy with parties because I received a lot of invitations from different organizations and families. I also went for an early Christmas shopping to avoid rush at the day of Christmas. I got my baby a lot of toys and yeah, it did hurt my wallet. But who cares? This is Christmas and we suppose to spoil the kids with toys! :)
So far, I am enjoying the season. It's pretty cold already but it never snowed yet, so it is a good thing. White Christmas is really nice and fun but how cold it made the season isn't so fun at all.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I hope all our wishing will come true.

Switch to Direct TV this Holidays and Get Free $100 Visa

December is the busiest month of the year. No doubt about that. This is the month when everyone is busy buying stuffs for everyone, decorating the house, and cooking food. This is just the best time of the year, and maybe this also the time for you to switch to Direct TV. I'm sure you will love it. We did and we love watching TV more after we switched to Direct TV.

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Choosing the Right Credit Card

Credit cards. Who doesn't want them? I think in our times everyone seems to have credit cards. We use them in purchasing anything whether in stores or online. I, myself use credit cards every time I shop online. I like it because it makes my shopping easier and my purchase are protected.

If you already have credit card or you are still planning to have one, I think you have to consider things before doing so. There are many different credit cards in the market today, and all you have to do is choose which are the best credit cards. When you compare credit cards, you will be able to know which one is best for you. There are credit cards that have low interest rates compared to others; there are also some that have annual fees and there are some that don't have. Yes, there are so many facts about credit cards that you have to know before choosing which one is the RIGHT ONE!

When I chose mine, it was a little easier because I visited and I was able to learn the difference between different credit cards and that knowledge gave me the idea which one is the Right One for me.

Getting the right credit card is very important, that's why don't just jump up and grab a card without enough knowledge. Be wise in choosing your credit card.