December 5, 2009

Fashion : White is Hot

If you would check my closet, you would really find out that my favorite color is white because I got a lot of white dresses and tops. Don't get me wrong because I also like other colors because I always enjoy fashion and getting my self dolled up.

Last Friday, me and my friends went clubbing and I decided to wear white dress again. I matched it when a white pearl necklace , a lot of white pearl bracelets, a pair of pearl earrings and a gold ring with a white pearl as its stone. My outfit came up to be really cute. I matched it with a red stilleto shoes and I just loved it.
Here are my photos. Sorry, I took these photos myself that's why they are not really well photographed.

December 4, 2009

Checking Our Credit Score

Here in America, one of the most important things that everyone should consider is maintaining our good credit score. Having a bad credit also means you can't have a loan. Insurance companies, lenders and credit card issuers always check our credit history before considering us.

Our credit score is very important that's why is it always best to maintain a good credit score. There are ways to maintain good credit standing. One of it is to check it all the time to know how we are doing. Through online you can get a free credit report. Through this you will be able monitor your credit and you will also receive important information on how to maintain a good credit score. There are sites that give this free credit score report one of them is

I'm sure knowing your free credit score is really a great idea. You should know where you stand so that in the future you will be sure that you will not be turned down by any lenders or credit card issuers.

December 2, 2009

Poem : His Secret Heart

I remember when I was in high school my guy friend used to love a girl in school but he was so ashamed to tell her his feelings.

I think this situation has happened to a lot of us. A certain situation when we just can't tell our real feelings to someone because we think we are not good enough for them or maybe we are just a nobody compared to them

This poem is dedicated to all everyone who chooses to keep their love a secret!

His Secret Love
By Donnalyn Weir

"You are amazingly beautiful!"
This is the line I want to tell you.
But how could I ever say this?
When you don't even know I exist?

"You are the only girl I dream"
This is the truth that I want to scream
I want to tell you this, but how?
When everything is against and no one will allow?

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you"
This is the vow that I want you to know.
But how can I share this, if I'm scared?
How can I if I know my voice will never be heard?

"I love you more than my life"
"You alone is my dream wife"
How can I tell you all of these?
When every time I see you I freeze?

You are my only dream girl.
You're above than the rarest pearl.
But I am so scared to talk to you.
And I know you will never be my boo.

Satellite Wireless Broadband in Australia

Every time my friend Che in Australia chat with me over the internet, she is always annoyed by how slow her intrnet connection is. I told her that she should try other provider so that she won't be suffering from a slow internet connection.

I tried to help her find the best internet provider through searching it over the internet and I found Harboursat. It is a satellite wireless broadband that is available anywhere in Australia. I think this one is just perfect for her because she also lives in Australia and Harboursat is one of the satellite broadband providers that work great even this country.

I am so glad I came across with the site of Harboursat because now I am able to share this to Che and hopefully this internet provider can really help her.

Next Summer We'll Enjoy Golf

It's still winter! Yes, I know that but I am already excited for summer again. Summer is the time to enjoy the sun and the beach. One of the sports that we play during summer is golf. I don't know much about that sports but my husband does so he is asking me to have a vacation getaway next summer where we can play golf together. We are thinking about Myrtle Beach Golf. We already visited Myrtle Beach and the place is spectacular that's why we think golf Myrtle Beach would be awesome too!

I checked the Myrtle Beach Golf packages and found out that we can actually enjoy golf in a beautiful place like Myrtle Beach in a not so bad kind of price, that's why we are just amazed and more excited of our planned vacation.

I think if you are thinking about golf or you are just a lover of this sports, Myrtle Beach golf vacations are the kind of vacation you should be considering. We will try is next year but we know the experience will be fabulous knowing that Myrtle Beach is already a place I always like to visit every summer.

So go online now and find the best golf vacation deal for you in Myrtle Beach. I'm sure you too will enjoy it!