November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Party's Over

Party's over! Yeah, Thanksgiving celebration is already done. We had fun last Thursday with the whole family. There were so many food and I enjoyed them all. I did like the turkey that mom prepared and the desserts that each one had contributed.

I was able to take few photos of during that day. I didn't get a lot of pictures though. I wasn't able to take the pictures of the food because I just remembered taking pictures after we ate. I did have fun playing with the kids and forgot the whole thing about capturing every moment of the celebration. Okay, here are few of the photos I took after our dinner.
Emily and I
Max, My baby James and Sky

Me, Sky, Mary and baby Gab

Houston Electricians Will Never Be Late

"We're on Time, You'll See or The Repair is Free!This is what Mister Sparky of Houston promises to its customers. This means if their electrician doesn't show up on time, you will enjoy the service absolutely free! It's pretty good to hear this one because it means this company values time of its customers. Mister Sparky in Houston is an eletrical company and the nation's first to promise the said "line" to its customers. They say, satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. It sounds really good, isn't it? I think it is worth our time to really try their service, anyway they really promise that the service would be free if they are not on time.

I visited their site and I can say I like this company. They have a sense of value to the time of their customers. They knew that the time is gold and should not be wasted in waiting for the repairmen to come in our house so late or worse they won't even show up.

As I've read in their site, Mister Sparky Houston electrician are experienced, reliable, polite, drug free and very punctual knowing that the company promises they will never be late.

You can call Mister Sparky 24/7 even on Saturday and Sunday if you want to schedule your appointment. So what are you waiting for? Let this company solve your electrical problems and test them if they really can give that 100% satisfaction guaranteed to you!

November 27, 2009

Switching to Direct TV?

My friend had switched to Direct TV in TX too after I told her that I am so happy with the service of Direct TV. I made a comparison between the cable and Direct Satellite TV
and I couldn't be more happier that we are now enjoying the best of our TV shows with Direct TV.

Some few things that I like about Direct TV is the fact that its signal is reliable. You can't get any problem like " I can't watch my favorite shows tonight because the TV signal is acting weird" because all time, you can get a clear reception and the HD viewing is really great. Direct TV is also cheaper compared to most cable TV it means better and cheaper service. And I think one of the best thing about Direct TV is that they have customer service representive available 24/7 to answer questions and help you anytime you want some help.

Me and my friend in TX are so happy we did the switch. I'm sure you are too!

For Zimmer Durom Cup Patients

Maybe you already have heard about the issues on Zimmer Durom Cup because this was first came up in the public last year, 2008. These issues were about the people who had been the victim of defective Durom cup hip replacement. According to the report, there were so many patients who had undergone Durom hip replacement were needed to be surgically revised because the product malfuctioned and failed.

Maglio Christopher Toale and Pitts Law Firm was the first lawfirm that filed lawsuit in United States in behalf of the patients against the manufacturer, seller and distributor of the said product.There were many Zimmer Durom cup types that failed and there many patients who want to fight for their rights against the failure of the product. If you are one of the patients who want to be heard, don't hesitate to ask for help. It's not too late to fight for your right.

I hope everyone would get what they deserve!

Finding States and National CD Rates

Choosing the bank that would take care our financial transaction could be a little hard especially if we do not know what bank has the best service in our town. Today I came across a site that do bank profiles in each states and across the nation. is what I am talking about. In this site you will be able to find bank rates of all the bank in your state. For example you are looking for bank with best DC rates in the country or a certain state, you can visit this site and compare the bank DC rates in the entire state or the whole of United States.

Bank Certificate of Deposit rates or bank CD rates in each banks are not similar at all that's why it is best to find which bank has the higher or the lower bank CD's. For me, it is very important to know the short term and long term CD rates of the bank before even choosing which one to trust your financial transactions. I may not be the best adviser in banking stuffs but I sure am aware of my own transactions in the bank and how my bank is doing.

So again if you are looking for the bank profiles and CD rates of the banks in your state or in the whole United States visit selectCDrates and give this site a try.

November 25, 2009

It's Happy Thanksgiving

I am really busy this week for the Thanksgiving Party. So many things to take care of like the cleaning of the whole house and the food that we will be preparing at the dining table on that day. Well, I'm sure we all are busy this week and yes, it's going to be a long week for all of us. The prepation may make us tired but the excitement that will be brought by the celebration and the meeting of our relatives and friends at the dining table on the Thanksgiving Party are really priceless.

I have been invited by friends too after the Thanksgiving Party to join their respective parties. I am very pleased and honored being loved by many people. Lots of invitation means there are many people who love me to be with them on that very day.

Well, this week is going to be hectic and I can't promise to update my site everyday but I will surely upload some of the pictures that I'll have this week.

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you too guys will have a good and wonderful one:)

Kinds of Planters

It's still winter and it's really cold but Springtime will come again and things around us would be beautiful again. Every Spring, I am excited to plant flowers to make our surroundings beautiful. Next year, I will do the same. Planting plants and flowers is not really hard. It just requires some dedication.

So if you are planning to plant some flowers for next year's spring, consider the kind of flower and planters to use. Yes, maybe all plants will do but be careful about the kind of planter to use. There are outdoor planters that are specifically made to be placed outside the house and there are indoor planters that are specially made to be placed inside our house. I had tried using both and I think they were very pretty.

Maybe you are asking the kind in which we usually see in the windows. They are called window box planters. They are specially made that way, to be place in windows of our houses. Their designs are made for decorative purposes too.

Actually there are so many kinds of planters to choose from. If you visit, you will find so many choices. I do buy my planters in this site every year and they are perfect. They have all the designs and kinds like high end planters, garden planters and decorative planters. If you try to browse their site you will surely know what I am talking about.

Planting is indeed really fun and fulfilling especially if the plants you planted would look really wonderful and would add beauty to your home. Planters can add up beauty to the plants if you choose the right color and design, so make sure your choice would be right.

Medical Teaching Course

Medical courses are one of the growing courses in the world. It's a fact that if you are a medical doctor you can land in a good paying job because doctors are in need in all places. But how can we have doctors if there were no teachers who molded them to became an experts on their field? Many doctors now decided to be in teach the teacher course or medical teaching course. This course is specially made to make the doctors who would want to be in the medical teaching an expert on the field. The Oxford Medical runs the medical teaching course in both London and Oxford. So if you are doctors on these places and you are planning to be in the medical teaching field, you will surely be given the best training and education to make your chosen career be fulfilling and more productive.

Even you already are a medical doctor, you still need the kind of training and education to be able to teach effectively. Oxford Medical can give you the educational training to make your skills and style in teaching be more effective like you clinical and non-clinical teaching skills. Oxford Medical is known for its very good reputation in education and I have no doubt they can give the best doctors training course to doctors who are aspiring to be more effective on their medical teaching careers.

It must be exciting if you are a doctor and you turn to be a teacher of doctors. Don't you think so?

Making My Christmas Exciting

This week is the Thanksgiving Party and after that we will be all celebrating the joyous holiday of the year-- Christmas!

I love Christmas. I think we all do, right? This year's Christmas is really special because I'll get to celebrate it with my baby who is 19 months old. This year, I am planning to make a custom Christmas cards in which my baby's photo would be there. I will be giving these Christmas cards to friends and relatives as a sign of greetings and thoughtfulness.

So, how can I make the custom cards really pretty? Obviously, I am not good at it that's why I will be hiring someone to do it for me. I asked my friend if she could give me a recommendation on this thing and she did email me the link When I read the site I found out that they make invitations, announcements and cards for different holidays and celebrations. What is great about this company is the fact that they can do all sorts of services to make the invitations/cards perfectly customized and do what their customers preferred. They do some stuffs to make the photos look great like photo restoration, red-eye removal and blemishes and background removal.

Though picturemeperfect is based in Houston, TX they also serve customers across the country and sometimes beyond.

I'm so excited about the Christmas cards thingy. I'm sure my baby would look so cute on the cards:) What about you? What are your plans to make this year's Christmas exciting and special?