November 2, 2009

Who Are My True Friends

I am not a shy kind of person that’s why most of my schoolmates before knew me—not who I really was but at least my name. I gave my sweet smile to everyone and I had a lot of “friends” both in and out side the school. My circle of friends didn’t just come from the university where I was studying but some of them were from different Universities. The question is “were they all my true friends?”

“Friends” as I usually call them are not necessarily means my true friends. I call my acquaintances “friends” but they really are not the kind whom my secrets are confined. Most of them are just my fair-weather friends. We party, we exchange smiles and we greet each others “hi” and “hello”.

People whom I considered true friends are those who know me really well. They are the people whom I am not ashamed to tell my darkest self. They knew my secrets and they are my confidant. They are the people that I can be myself whenever I am with them and they accept me for who I really am. I am not worried if I call them at 3AM because I know they would answer the phone and would be willing to talk to me even if they were so sleepy. More than that, my true friends are the people who understand my needs and interest. They support me to fulfill my dreams and they are proud of my achievements. I can’t see any trace of jealousy on them whenever I am on the top and they encourage me to stand up again every time I fall and feel so down.

At the age of 24 I only considered very few true friends and two of them are my parents. My mother and my father are the best people in the world. They love me unconditionally and they stand for me even when the whole world turns its back on me. They are the one who have supported me all the way to fulfill my dreams.

How about you? Have you finally found your true friends?

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November 1, 2009

Shopping for Online Furniture

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