October 29, 2009

Michael Jackson's Movie: This is It

After the death of the King of Pop, Sony Pictures made a movie “This is It” to showcase Michael Jackson’s extraordinary life and career. This movie is directed by Kenny Ortega and is rated PG.

“This is It” has received different reviews. Others think this is not a rip off and will really do well knowing Michael Jackson was so huge and his music is really moving; other people on the other hand said, they don’t really give a damn and won’t spend their money to see this movie.

The movie was reportedly earned $2.2 million on its first night!

So, will this movie going to be huge? Well, we will know in the coming days! I will keep you posted on that!

“This is it” is now out in all theaters and IMAX everywhere!

October 28, 2009

Stop Racism: Start it in Yourself

I love Family Guy. I think it is one of my favorite shows on TV but sometimes their jokes can be very offensive. In one of their shows they were portraying a British guy with a very bad set of teeth. I was like, “Darn! That is so not cool that they are making fun of other races”.

I think it is not only the TV shows like Family Guy that do this. Sometimes at certain point we tend to be racist. Lines that I’ve read over the internet and heard from other people like “blondes are dumb” Whites are laid-back” Blacks are not beautiful” “Filipino women are submissive to their husbands” These are only very few lines that suggest that we are being racist at some point.

I grew up in the Philippines and I know that Filipinos out there are so obsessed of making their skin lighter. It’s like if you are white then you are beautiful. When I get here in America I came to realize that you can be beautiful in whatever color you are. Others even go to a tanning salon just to have a tan. It’s really funny sometimes.

I hope we will stop being racist. We should bear in mind that there are smart people in any color and race. Beauty is not determined in your race and color. We should trait everyone as an individual rather than as a group.

Peace to everyone!

October 27, 2009

Buy Your Lockers at Morelockers.com

I have seen these secured gym lockers at the gym where my friend is working out. After seeing those lockers, it came to me that it really is important to buy the kind of lockers that would protect our personal belongings because a locker is made for that reason.

Morelockers.com is site that has over 30,000 different lockers for sale. In this site you can find any lockers that would really suit your need. They have guaranteed school lockers that I’m sure every school should really have and a lot more other lockers. Shopping through this site is very easy because it has expert customer service representatives who would assist you so you can find the lockers that you are looking for. It also offers the low prices in all lockers.

So next time you are looking for the right lockers to buy, give morelockers.com a try.

Finally Found the Best Clothing Styles for Me

Shopping for my clothes since I came here in United States has been an issue for me because I am so tiny and short. Not all types of clothes would look good on me. Well, thanks to petite clothing for women because I can now find in this category the clothes what would fit me. Shopping today at shopwiki gave me the idea that even I am petite I can still stand out if I know what dress and shoes to wear. For petite girls like me, it is advisable to wear the low rise pants so it would make an illusion to make us look taller. It is also a plus if we would embrace the wearing of heels which is my style too.

Shopwiki also have shopping guide for different holidays dressing. I am so thankful I finally found my Halloween costume today. It’s sexy and just my kind of style costume. I got it for only $39 which is a very reason price.

In shopwiki your online shopping is made easier because you have a shopping guide. You can shop through your clothing size or type of holidays. These are few of the reasons why I always prefer to have my online shopping here!

Charice Pempengco: Will She be the Next Superstar

Will Charice Pempengco be the next superstar?

If you are fond of watching videos at YouTube.com then maybe you already knew Charice Pempengco who was first known through that site. She already appeared in several TV shows all over the world and her two most famous appearances were in Ellen DeGeneres Show and Oprah. Her performances are undeniably awesome that’s why Oprah named her as “the most talented kid in the world”.

After Charice appearances in several concert tours in US, TV shows in Asia, UK, Europe and United States can we actually name her the next superstar? She indeed has an amazing voice and I think everybody will agree with that fact but does she has what it takes to be huge in the international music arena? There are speculations that she really is going to make it because her talent is so rare but there are also few who question this because sometimes it is not only the talent that makes the star a superstar. She or he should also have the charisma to the public. Maybe we can cite some very famous singers who don't have great voices-- all they have is charisma to the mainstream.

With all the possibilities in the future I hope that Charice will really be huge. With her amazing talent, I think she deserves to be called the International Superstar!

October 26, 2009

We're so Happy with Our New All-Wood Kitchen Cabinets

We just had our kitchen renovation and we are very happy of its appearance now because we got great kitchen cabinets. The great kitchen cabinets that we have now are from kitchen cabinet depot.

Kitchen Cabinet Depot is where you can find the great kitchen cabinets that have both durability and great appearance. Some of their cabinet collections are Solid Wood Door Construction with Durable Finish, All-Wood Drawer Box System, Solid Playwood Cabinet Box Construction and Solid Wood Cabinet Face-Frame. All of these cabinets are very easily resembles that why you won’t have any problems after ordering them.

My whole family is very pleased about the high-end kitchen cabinets that we got from Kitchen Cabinet Depot. Indeed, it is nice to get any of your home supplies from the trusted name.

Cheap Hotels in UK

Visiting London is one of my dreams. The place has a lot of beautiful tourist spots and the city itself is just beautiful as described by my friend who lives there. When I tried to check how much would be the estimated budget for one to have a good vacation in London I was surprised that it wasn’t really that big. You can actually choose this place as a getaway for holidays if you will choose the cheap hotels in London,UK to stay in during the span of your vacation. I know it sounds crazy but you can actually book a cheaper hotel rates if you are smart enough to book it online through cheaperthanhotels.co.uk

Cheaperthanhotels.co.uk also offers cheap rates for Birmingham hotels, France hotels, Rome Hotels and more other hotels in different cities in UK.

I would definitely try to visit London. I know if I will save, one day I can have a good vacation there and can enjoy the cozy hotels in cheaper rates.

Make Your Home a Safe Place for Your Kids

Having babies and little kids at home is hard. A lot of things should be considered to ensure their safety. They are our little angel and we don’t want them to be in harm, do we?

Kidsafe Inc is where we can buy all home safety products to protect our little ones. Products like baby gate mounting kits, baby stairway gates, bathroom safety and crib safety. It sells only the high quality baby proof supplies to maintain its main objective and that is so make the home a safe haven where kids can have fun, play and learn at their tender ages.

I think it’s really important to make sure the safety of our little kids and babies. Buying products to make our homes safe is indeed a really good idea. And hey, also buying the guaranteed high quality products is really a must.

So make your home a safe place for your kids now. Buy all your home safety products to protect them.

October 25, 2009

CobaltHealth.com does Medical Billing and Collections for Physicians

Maybe some people are not aware who takes care of the physicians’ or health institutions like hospitals’ paper works like medical billing, collections and other office works especially on its business intelligence and revenue cycle management services. Gladly the physicians or the hospitals themselves don’t have to do it; they hire competent people to do the collections, medical billings and other stuffs so the physicians and these health institutions will just focus on their patients.

Cobalthealth offers this kind of service to the physicians and other health institutions. It helps physicians and health institutions maximize and optimize their cash flow and claims. They also give strategic and analytical insights to improve the business profitability.

CobaltHealth aims to give the best costumer service to their client and they succeeded on giving it.