October 23, 2009

Don't Stop Believing: Arnel Pineda's Life Story

I always like fairytales because they always have happy endings. One of the best stories I have ever heard is the life story of the new front man of the band Journey. His life story is like a fairytale.

The Journey Band was really a big thing during 1970’s to 1980’s selling millions of album worldwide. When their former front man Steve Perry quitted, the band was been struggling to be back on its popularity until they discovered their new front man in the person of Arnel Pineda couple of years ago.

Arnel Pineda is a singer from the Philippines who came from a very humble beginning. He was discovered though the site Youtube.com. He used to have a very hard life in the Philippines, singing to earn money for his food.

When Arnel was featured in Oprah together with his band mates, I was so amazed of his life story and his voice. Man! He really has an amazing voice. And oh his life story is unbelievable. He, himself can’t even believe until now that he really is the lead singer of the legendary rock band.It never came to him to be this big and yet look where is he now. I quoted what he said in the show--- “Don’t stop believing.”

Today, as Arnel Pineda enjoys the taste of his new wonderful life; Journey is also starting to soar high.

Truly, if we have a dream and we won’t stop believing to ourselves and to God that one day we can also get it, nothing is really impossible. Arnel Pineda’s life is a good example that dreams do come true and there is a thing called HAPPY ENDING!

** Arnel Pineda with Journey live performance in Chile


Does your home have home security system? If yes, then that’s great because we know that nowadays we can never tell what time is safe and what time is isn’t. Intruders can come in your home anytime of the day and sometimes at our least expected moment. It is very scary to think about it but I think it is better to think ahead and to be prepared.

Thanks to Home security systems. Now leaving our house unattended wouldn’t bother us to much because even if we are not there all the time we know our house and everything inside it is safe. ADT security is one of the leading companies that provide security to our home. It has 24/7 monitoring, fast response system, easy to use security and has low monthly fees.

I’m glad to say that most of the houses in the subdivision where I live have ADT security. It is nice to live in a safe home and community.

Getting a Car with a Poor Credit History is Okay

Drive Time which is consider to be the nation’s largest dealership with 77 locations specializing in dealing used cars to people with poor credit history has a new way to make it easier for its customers, specifically to the resident of Austin, Texas to avail its services. This is through its new website Drivetime-austin.com. Through this website residents in Austin, Texas can easily apply and know whether they are approved to get a used car or not.

One of the good things about Drivetime is the fact that even people with poor credit score can be approved to buy a car from them. They believe that there are other circumstances in life that led one to be in what credit score he has now. Situations that is inevitable and out of ones control.

So if you are in Austin, Texas and dying to get a car try to visit drivetime’s website and complete the short online application. It’s so easy and you are as good as approved so, don’t be hesitant. Maybe it’s time for you to get your own ride now.

October 21, 2009

Online Math Help for College Students

For most students Math is always one of the hardest subjects. Maybe for some they would wish to have Math problem solver to solve their assignments in Math as well as difficult exams on this subject. If we want to solve Math problems we should have a positive idea that we can do it, otherwise we will just fail in doing so.

There are many ways to do so that we can pass and have good grades in Math. Even if you really don’t have the brain of a Mathematician you can still conquer the difficulty of Math. One thing you can do is to find a free online Math help. Yes, there are sites that offer tutorials and can help Math problems to be solved. Help with Math is very important to those students who have difficulty in understand Mathematics subject. Algebra for one is considered to be very hard for college students. Knowing that they have difficulty in this subject, I recommend that they will seek free Algebra help. I think we should be thankful that even Algebra is hard we have free college Algebra help so that Algebra won’t be as hard as it used to be to our college students.

Mathematics is just the same as another subject if you will try to learn it the way you do with your other subjects. It maybe a little hard but hey, there are sites that can help you learn and pass this subject. Thanks to the sites like tutorvista.com that help the students love their studies and make Math easier for them.Kudos to this site!

Great Summer is Spending at Myrtle Beach Resort

Summer is over but there is one thing that I always look forward for the next summer and that is visiting Myrtle Beach Resort again. Summer is time for beach tanning and having fun in the beach. It’s the time when we will enjoy the sun in our skin while loving the beautiful scenery of the ocean that’s why I alway think summer is related to Myrtle Beach Resorts because only in Myrtle Beach you can have the best summer experience with your family and loved ones.

One more thing that I like about visiting Myrtle Beach is the fact the Myrtle Beach Hotels. They give you the superb services and the finest facilities of a hotel can have. Staying on a great hotel while enjoying the beauty of the ocean is one heck of a fabulous experience, isn’t it?

So if you are thinking of a beautiful vacation while enjoying the beach, give Myrtle Beach Resort a try.

Great Walk in Bath Tubs You Need to Have!

Last week I visited my friend in North County. I was very impressed with their walk in bath tub. That bath tub offers not only the luxury but the comfort that everyone is looking for every time they want to escape the world and have luxury warm bath once in awhile.

My friend confined to me that she got their luxury and comfortable bath tub from seabridgebathing.com. When I visited the site I found out that the site has so many great bath tub styles. The kind of bath tubs that even our old folks can use and enjoy. It offers easy to enter and easy to exit. It also has features like luxurious 16 air jet massage. Truly, having a bath tub like this will totally change our experience of taking a bath. Having a bath with this bath tub will change the usual definition of taking a bath:)

For more information about spa-styled bath tubs and safe walk in bath tubs, visit seabridgebathing.com.

October 20, 2009

Search Engine for Local Seaching

Have you heard of justclicklocal.com? This site is very useful for local searching. It contains specific answer to your questions in your locality. For one if you are looking for the best restaurant in town that has the best service or where should you got to have your care repaired.

I think it is best to use the justclicklocal.com if you are searching the specific direction of a certain locality. Like what beach in Miami, FL offers a great service for the whole family with the best facilities and service; what is the best restaurant to dine in Pittsburgh, PA or the finest hotel to stay in Charlotte, NC. All of these searches will be answered specifically with Justclicklocal.com It gives you the best answers in all of you searches in your locality.

I am so glad I have known this site. Now, I can find what’s in and hot in Saint Louis, MO whenever I needed the information. Kudos to this site!

October 19, 2009

Make your moving easier!

My friend from California told me her experience when they moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco Well, at first I anticipated that the process was so hard but actually it wasn’t that hard. What she and her husband did to make the process easier? They hired movers. Movers made the whole process of moving to another city very easy. They simply took care of their travel and all their things were taken care of by the local movers that they hired.

If you are on the same situation of moving to another city don’t be scared that the process would be very hard and tiring because there professionals who would help you in the process of moving your things, furniture and other stuffs to the new home. Movers.com is an online site that can give you the information about local moving and getting the local moving quotes. Visiting the site before you make the plans on moving to another city or state will be very helpful. In this site you can get the moving estimates and you will be amazed how affordable it would be. The good thing about hiring professional movers is the fact that all the stuffs will be taken care of professionally and with delicate care.

As for my friend who had the same experience, the fee for hiring movers is really worth it. I would definitely take into consideration of hiring movers when time comes that we will move to Vegas.