October 9, 2009

A Wish

I live in sorrows
My happiness is a minute of smile
My crying is forever
I asked the Almighty to take me
But He thinks I deserve to suffer

My heart can’t feel anymore
It has been numb of pain
Hate is what it bares.
And it asks love to disappear.

Wish God would take me
Wish I wasn’t here
Take me is what I always pray
I hope God would hear me.

I’m sorry…
I can’t stay…
Maybe God has a better plan for me:(

October 8, 2009

Things to Consider Before Having Sex

Sex is maybe one of life’s most fulfilling experiences. Let’s admit it, we all love sex. Old, young, men, women— we all have the urges to fulfill our sexual fantasies.

Sex is very enjoyable but we should be aware that the things that we DO NOT know about sex may hurt us. We can’t just hop on one’s bed, have sex and enjoy it. Everything that we enjoy comes with responsibility and yes if you want to engage in sexual activities, do it responsibly.

Take into consideration the following:

Ø Be Smart. If you haven’t tried having sex and planning to have one, make sure that you are doing the right thing. Ask yourself “Am I really ready for this?” “Is having sex will make me happy?” “Am I on the right age?”

Ø Protect yourself. There are many ways to protect ourselves from ill-results of engaging in sex. One of these is abstinence. This is the most advised way to protect the young people from having unwanted pregnancy or having sexually transmitted diseases. The success rating of this is 100% if they follow not to engage in sex but since it is very hard to implement this; there are other alternatives like using condoms and other contraceptives. If you are having two or more sex partners, don’t use pills because it will not protect you from STD’s. I wound say condom is the right for you, if you are having more than one sex mates.

Sex is good only IF you are doing it responsibly. Don’t just go around and have sex with everyone. Be smart!

Math Help to Everyone

I used to tutor math to grade school and high school students before and I know exactly how hard it is for some student to love and learn Math. If you ask the grade school or high school students maybe only very few of them have the interest on Math. Okay,maybe it’s a fact that only few students like Math but it is also a fact that no matter how they hate Math they still need to pass it in order to graduate in grade school, high school and college. Yes, even if you are in college you still need to know pass the basic Math like Algebra and Trigonometry because these are two of basic subjects to pass in whatever course you would want to pursue in college.

I think one of the best things about technology is the fact that it makes life easier and yes technology has been making Mathematics easier to most of the students. One of the things that I can point out is the internet sites that offer online tutoring to student. Guaranteach.com is one of these sites. This site offers Math help to all students who are struggling to pass their Math subjects. Subscribing to their site will give you a 24/7 access to the site giving you an Algebra help anytime you need it. This site offers help to anyone whether you are in grade school, high school or college. I’ve also heard how people praise this site because it’s very effective when it comes to making Math easier for them.

Math isn’t as hard as you think. There are many ways to make your Math grades from F to A. It’s only the matter of how you want to learn and how open you want to be taught.

UK Broadband Forum

I came across Uk Broadband forum today. In this site you can find answers to any questions regarding the UK broadband providers. I think this site is very informative to all the people of UK who wish to know anything about broadband providers' topics. You can post any questions and people who know about the answer can share their ideas by answering to your post. I always like reading forum sites myself because the answers that you will find there are not only from one side but from both sides. You can really weigh which answers would be the best one. Most of the people who answers on this sites are those who are real users of any broadband provider making their opinion to be real.

The sub forums of the site include AOL Broadband, BT Broadband, Tiscali Broadband, and many other broadband providers. If you want to ask questions about a certain broadband provider it is best for you to post it to the specific name of the broadband provider sub forum name.

I hope the site Uk Broadband forum will be a big help to people who would want to know which broadband provider is the best in UK. I am also hoping that anyone who shares their opinions on any questions in the forum will share only the truth to give a right guidance to people who are seeking information on these topics.

October 7, 2009

All Cellphone Numbers are being Released to Telemarketers this Month

Have you ever experienced receiving calls from telemarketers? Well, if you live in United States these annoying calls from telemarketers is normal. Our phone at home would ring so many times everyday and only few calls deserve to be answered; majority of these calls are coming from annoying telemarketers.

I know it’s pretty annoying to talk to telemarketers, but do you know that we will have more problems regarding these unwanted calls from telemarketers? I just read an update from a friend in facebook that all cell phones numbers are being released to telemarketing companies this month. My friend’s update goes like this:

Kae Pearl : FYI: Cell Phone Numbers Go Public this month. All cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls.YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS. To prevent this, call the National DO NOT CALL list 888-382-1222. It blocks your number for five years. You must call from the cell phone number you want to be blocked. You can’t call from a different phone number.

I am so thankful that I am aware about this as early as today to prevent more unwanted calls from telemarketers. I just called the number and unregistered my cell phone number.

October 6, 2009

How to Make your Sex Life Exciting Again

For couples who have been married for ten years or more, sex is more of a task than a pleasure to them. It’s very sad to say but it’s true. The reason of this may vary from different couples but one thing is sure, you can jump start your deteriorating sex life if you want to and if you exert an effort to make it happen.

Here are some of the tips to follow to have a fun, exciting and enjoyable sex life again:

1.Try new stuffs. Anything that we do regular will definitely make us bored, so try to think of the things that will excite both you and your partner. Maybe your bedroom is the only love making place for you and your partner, why not try other parts of your house for a change? Maybe in the kitchen or the the porch?

2.Forget the idea of sex as a task; rather think of it as an enjoyable and exciting thing between you and your partner.

3.Make love making to be unplanned and not some kind of a schedule.

4.Make yourself attractive. It is very important that both of you remain attractive to your spouse. When you have a date with your spouse, try to have a new hair cut, wear a new cologne and try a new sexy clothes.

5.Open communication is the key. It is very important that you both share your sexual fantasies to each other so you will have the idea to satisfy your partner. You will never know that your fantasies are also his/ hers.

Fastest Way to Share Files

After I have downloaded a PDF software on my computer, sharing files now have been very easy and fast. I remember how hard it was to send files to my friends and family before but know it’s so amazingly easy and very fast with this Portable Document Format (PDF) conversion.

PDF is a file format to enhance our document exchange to make it easier for us. Adobe PDF will allow you to create a PDF file from any application that can be print, extract and split pages from PDF files and ensured your files to be protected against unauthorized access.

With PDF conversion, our problems on exchanging information are gone. This is software can be used in any operating system like Apple, Windows and Apple that’s why this software is available to almost everybody.

I’m so glad I made the download. I’m sure you will love it too.

October 4, 2009

Bushfire in Australia: Home Protection from Fire

My friend Che in Australia used to tell me about how disaster bushfires there. Many lives have been lost every time this disaster attacks. One of the answer that I have in mind in order to protect the hundreds of lives in AU is to have their homes protected from fires. Yes there are ways to protect your homes from fires. Using nullifire for example in building houses there will protect the house from fires. Nullifire offers a high performance, fire protective solutions steelwork. Also the use of
fire retardant substances as a coating for any housing materials will surely help too.

I have read that remedial building services in Australia will help the home owners fix their house to make it more protected from fires. They don’t only offer services for residential but also for commercial buildings. Their services includes structural solutions, flooring solutions, fire rating or formerly called fire proofing and protective coating that includes water proofing.

I believe if the people in Australia will be more cautious and prepared they will be more protected against bushfires.