September 10, 2009


By Donnalyn Weir

Crying on that dark corner
Is a suffering prisoner
The blood is the tears she has cried.
Tears that she's been trying to hide

Her heart thirsts for some love
A love that she’ll never have
She’s like a dying flower
In the desert, begging for a drop of water

Finding her happiness is next to never
Her agony and sorrows will be forever
Everybody despises her
No one wants her near.

Her hopeful eyes want to see
Even just a glimpse of light
But she knows the tunnel is so dark
That even a little light can’t spark.

Where can she find her happiness?
How will she stop her own madness?
Where is her real place?
In heaven… maybe its where it is.

Birthday Party at Myrtle Beach Resort

Next week is my friend’s birthday. He called me this morning to discuss with me about the party. He wants to have his party on the beach, so he thought of California or Florida. Since I already been to Myrtle Beach Resort, I recommended it to him. He was kind of hesitant at first because he never been there. He lives in New York and his friends who will be attending the party are from all over United States.

I asked him to go online so we can discuss the place thoroughly. I gave him the link where he could see the pictures of Myrtle Beach Resorts. He was quite impressed of the beach views and all. He said he would love to know the services and the facilities, so I told him that there are so many awesome Myrtle Beach Hotels to choose from and the services there are just amazing. He knew that I knew exactly what I was saying so he agreed with me.

He just informed all his friends about the party next week. Most of them could come and celebrate with him. Only few, including me who can’t; it suck but he knows I have a very good reason why I can’t make it. Though, I can't come he knows I would really love to.

I wish all the best for my friend. I know he is a good person and he deserves to be happy. Happy Birthday, Amigo!

Importance of Reading the Car Reviews Before Buying a Car

Before we decide to buy a car, we should know first which one caters our needs, which car is right for our budget, and which car is what we really like. Others consider their personality in choosing their car while others take into consideration the money they have on their wallet.

Because car is expensive, we should always shop the best one that is right for us. This is the reason why we have car reviews online. Reading the reviews of these cars will give us a more clearer picture of which one should be we get.

When my friend told me she wanted an SUV but wasn’t sure which one she'll get, so I gave her the links of the car reviews of all SUV’s. After buying the Land Rover she thanked me because I gave her those links. According to her the car views are very true and specific that’s why she really got the kind she really love.

I know exactly how people feel when it comes to buying their car because I’ve been there. If we wont read the car reviews of these cars prior to our shopping, we will really be confused which one will we choose.

There are so many hot cars from different car brands for this year. It’s pretty confusing which one is the best but after reading the 2010 Mercedes Benz C-Class review from; I will put this car on my top list. This car is a little bit expensive but it’s worth every penny. It got both the quality and the luxury.2010 Lexus RX 350 review wasn’t really bad but it wasn’t excellent too. It only scored 8.4 out of 10 because its performance scored only 7 out of 10. Lexus as a brand of car is pretty good and this is one of the brands I trust.

It is very important to read the car reviews before you choose which one will you buy. So if you are planning to get a car this year, read some car reviews first .

September 8, 2009

Flirting and Effective Pick Up Lines

Maybe for men, to get a girl in just a snap is considered to be a gift. Not all men can do it though. There are so many men out there that can’t even say a word whenever they are near with the girl they like.

They say it takes a lot of charisma, good looks and confidence to say the right pickup lines to get a girl. I am not a man but one thing I am certain about is that the great pick up lines can really make a good impression.

So how can a man be a pickup artist? Well yes, I know that learning how to be one isn’t as easy as it sounds. You definitely need some advice from other men about how to be a good pick up artist. Saying the right line may not even enough, it needs more. The factors like how confident you are to say it, how charismatic you look and some other factors that affects on that very moment that you say that line.

There is one website called that gives effective flirting tips. I think this site is very helpful to those men who are not so confident about themselves when it comes to talking with girls.

Well, I just hope that after a successful pickup lines and date, the relationship will be treated seriously.

September 6, 2009


By Donnalyn Weir

Imagine that I was your girl
And we were sharing a love that was so real
Imagine that our love was true
Because my heart was only for you

Imagine that my dreams were real
So you’d know that I'd love to be your girl.
Imagine that you could read my heart
So you’d know, for you I’m willing to get hurt.

Imagine that in you I was near
So you can let my fear disappear.
Imagine you could hold my hand
Every time I needed a hand.

What if they were all true?
The things that we try to imagine
And being in love was our real feelings
What if we really meant it?
Would you still try force to just imagine it?

Buying Mailboxes Online

I think it’s been six months since I bought our mailbox online. I was very impressed because I received what I ordered just in time.

Shopping for residential mailboxes isn’t as hard as it sounds if you will buy it from a trusted online store for mailboxes. Mailboxixchange is where I got my mailbox for our home. This is a distributor of high quality mailboxes in America that’s why I had no doubt that I would get the best mail box from here. Knowing that they are the trusted distributor of quality residential and commercial mailboxes, you are secured that ordering from them won't be a waste of money.

They have a large selection of different mail boxes and all you have to do is choose which one will satisfy your taste. You can shop through different categories making your online shopping simpler.

I totally recommend Mailboxichange to everyone especially to my friends because I definitely got the best mailbox for me here.

Great Place to Visit in Maine

One of my cousins who live in Maine always brags about Boothbay Harbor. She has been telling me how beautiful this place is and how her family enjoys their once-every-year vacation in this spectacular getaway. Out of curiosity, I searched theBoothbay Harbor Maine over the internet to know more about the place.

Well, after I read some of the amazing features of the place I can say that Boothbay Harbor is indeed a place worth spending our memorable and special vacation. This place has a very beautiful view of the ocean, has mouth watering sea foods and it has a place where you can enjoy some of best fishing in East Coast.

Because millions of people are spending their vacation here every year, Boothbay Harbor Hotels cater their guest at the best way possible. The services that they are giving are superb and the utilities are magnificent giving their customers a memorable visit on this place. One of the best places to stay here is Brown’s Wharf Inn.

I totally agree with my cousin about her description of Boothbay Harbor. I hope I can visit this place soon enough.