July 21, 2009

Make Algebra Easier for You

Solve for x:
(x +3) (x -1) = 0

Do you know the answer of this equation? Maybe to some people this is just very easy to solve and yes, this is an example of the simplest problem in Algebra and yet for most of the college student this is still very hard. It’s so sad that only few have the interest to learn Algebra and other Mathematics subjects. I remember that when I was in college only three of us in my whole class had the interest on Algebra and even me who had a huge interest in learning Math still seek for my Algebra 2 help.

Yes, maybe you don’t like to learn Algebra but still you need to. If you want to graduate in high school or college, Algebra is like one of the most important subject to pass. So forget about how scary Algebra is and try to find an Algebra tutor for you. For those who are not blessed with a brain of a Mathematicians, don’t ever think you will have a failing grades in Algebra all of you life. There are many ways to get good grades if you are determined to get it. There are free online Algebra help that would help you understand Algebra better. online Algebra tutor is dedicated to help students specially those who are struggling so much to pass their Algebra class.

If you are a college student and you don’t know much about Algebra, seek for an Algebra help. Having an Algebra tutoring class outside your actual college Algebra classroom will really help.

I am really hoping that more and more students will have the interest in learning Algebra. After all, it is one of our prerequisite that need to be passed in any course in college.

So next time when someone asks you to answer the above equation you will solve it easily this way:

x + 3 = 0; x = -3

x -1 = 0; x = 1

Therefore the solution set of the given equation is ( -3, 1 )