July 11, 2009

In Search of True Love Poem

We know the reality that true is really hard to find. I made this poem to everyone who is still in search of their true love.

True Love

by Donnalyn Weir

True love, let me feel you.
Command thy sadness to let me go
When will my eyes stop crying?
When will my heart start healing?

Tell me how can I find
The healing you promise that's so kind
Embrace the world with your loving care.
Please convince me that you are real.

Oh why are you seem so far?
Will you remain to be an unreachable star?
When will your mystery be revealed?
Please don't make me feel I failed!

From this day forward I promise
That even it takes forever to find you,
And seems owning you will just be given to few;
And that life is always unfair;
I will still get you, that's what I swear!

July 10, 2009

A Poem for Broken Hearted

Have you ever loved too much to a wrong person? Sometimes we love someone who is not deserving of our love.

This poem is dedicated to people who love someone even that someone brings pain and tears to her.

Prisoner of Love
by Donnalyn Weir

She is living miserably
Making herself believe, everything’s okay
But deep inside her, she cries
To end all the pain and lies.

Her nights have been spent crying
Knowing the reality that she’s drying,
Maybe her body is living,
But her spirit and soul are dying.

“Let me go!” she asks.
“Untie me from sorrow and lust
I don’t want to be your prisoner.
And suffer from pain forever!”

She knows it takes forever to success,
To get her unending quest,
But she continues to pray
That one day she will be free.

Her heart is always bleeding.
“Save me” is all she’s asking.
I don’t want to stay as prisoner.
I don’t want to be like this forever!

July 9, 2009

Let's Help Stop the War

When North Korea threatened to blow up USA, it made me think that we are still in war until now. Nations never be peace with each other. Why is these things happening? Is it because we are all selfish and all we want is power and fame?

Well, I don't really know what to say so I made a poem about this.


by Donnalyn Weir

Millions of lives were lost
Because of their selfish cause,
Why do we want to see blood?
That’s flowing like a flood.

Families and friends cry
To hear that soldiers die
How many rivers of tears to be shed?
How many tons of lives are needed?

It’s a fight for centuries
To extend each other’s territories
Everybody wants power
So war, they discover.

Other wants to prove
Other people disapprove.
So because of selfishness,
They put the whole world in mess!

From the time Americans defeated Germans
To the countless death in March of Bataan,
Until now we are still in war.
So we want our quest for power to go this far?

July 8, 2009

Online Shopping for Clothes

Who doesn’t want to go shopping? I think shopping is something that every woman in the world wants. But nowadays, it’s a shame that we can’t go to malls to shop as often as we want because we are so busy with work and attending to our family needs.

Good thing online shopping is available 24/7. Now, we buy the trendy clothes even if we can’t go to malls. We can buy it right in front of our computer. Maybe you are at home, in the office or anywhere as long as you have computer.

I, myself do online shopping. I love clothes, shoes and bags and I don’t want that my schedule would hinder my passion on getting what’s new in fashion. I go to shopwiki.com. They have large selection for women clothing. Most of my trendy clothes are coming from this site. They even have the best designer clothing line like Juicy Couture.

If you love clothes but too busy to visit the mall, do some online shopping. I’m sure you can find the best swimwear for this summer or the best coat for winter at shopwiki.com.

Acne and It's Cure

Acne can occurs in all type of ages and yes, having them is really not good. People who are suffering from terrible acne are having problems how to treat them.

Treating acne is not easy. It takes six weeks before you will know if your acne treatment is actually working. After six weeks and it’s not working you have to find another regime to treat them and hope again that it will work.

For anyone who has been suffering from acne, I’m sure you considered it a major problem to be solved. For women especially, having acne is an embarrassment. Acne can lose once confidence and self-esteem that’s why it’s very important to discover the real acne solution that would treat acne for real.

Finding the right treatment for acne is also finding the right acne product to use. Yes, there maybe thousands of products that are available in the market but it’s hard to choose which one is the right one.

Among the things that one should consider in treating their acne is the advice of their dermatologist and the change of lifestyle. Change from soda to water; unending parties to 8-hours of sleep everyday; fast foods to fruits and veggies.

July 6, 2009

Myrtle Beach Resort

If there is one place that I really want to go this summer, it must be Myrtle Beach Resort. I love the beach that’s why I’m pretty sure I will really enjoy my summer vacation there. Myrtle Beach Resorts offer the best services. They have beautiful beach views area and contemporary architecture of the building that anyone would really love. This place is perfect for family vacation, a getaway with your lover, business convention etc.

I already checked the prices of the Myrtle Beach Hotels and I am surprised how affordable they are thinking that they have superb amenities and services. They have fitness area, wireless internet access, beautiful spacious rooms and many other great features.

I am just so excited to visit and enjoy Myrtle Beach Resort. I can’t wait.

Earning Money Through Your Blog

It was only about six months ago since I came across to blogging world. At first, I only did it for fun. Most of my entries were only about my personal thoughts of this and that. But one day while I was looking for ways to make my blog site look better, I learned that while having a blog I can also earn. That idea made me think of making this new blog. I thought it would be good if I will share this knowledge to others who would want to earn money through their blog.

As I mentioned above, you need to create a blog first. There are many websites that offer you an easy to use “how to create your own blog". Blogger.com is one of them. Don’t be scared about making one because it is just so simple. Your blog can be about anything under the sun. Make a daily journal. Blog your interest; it can be about sewing, games, poems or anything that appeals to you.

Second, make sure to pass your website URL to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and other search engines to improve your blog traffic. Why? Because the more popular your blog is, the higher its chance to earn more money.There are still a lot of ways to increase your blog traffic and I will make sure to share it with you here in the future.

If you did the above mentioned steps, then you can now start earning money. Yes, even if your website is still new; you can start earning through the use of Adsense. Adsense is a Google advertising program that gives opportunity to the website owners to earn by allowing Google to post relevant advertisements on their websites.

Earning money through your blog is not as hard as you have thought. The more you are exposed to the blogging world, the more you will learn of other ways to earn.

Happy blogging!

Single Use Medical Electrodes

Today, while I was browsing the net I came across http://www.medical-electrodes.com/. This site discusses about a single use medical electrodes called Corkscrew electrodes. It is said that this product is a reliable alternative to the disc electrode system.

The goods things about this product are; it is easy to insert, require less preparation and it is cheaper.

Each package of this product contains six Corkscrew electrodes with different colors like red, black, yellow, blue, green and white. Since this is a single use electrode, I believe it is safer because you are sure that only one patient can use it, therefore the risk of transmitting disease to others using this is eliminated. All of these medical Corkscrew electrodes are sterilized.

If you are interested about knowing the product more and for orders please visit their site at http://www.medical-electrodes.com/.