June 13, 2009

Defining the Word Sexy

Are you sexy?

Some would answer, “Yes, I’m smoking hot!” But there are also some who would say “I’m not” If you ask yourself the same question, what would be your answer?

For years, I have been trying to know the real meaning of the word SEXY, but I can’t seem to find the exact synonyms of that word. Others associated it to sex, appearance and some to one’s personality.

Other people say you are sexy when you have the perfect vital stat of 36-24-36. Others think thin is sexy. Others say big butt is hot but others don’t agree. Sometimes the word HOT also means sexy. And HOT is sometimes associated to someone who is good in bed. So does it mean you are sexy even you don’t have that the beautiful body as long as you know the thing in bed? If then, sexy is associated to sex. It’s confusing, isn’t it?

“Confidence is what makes someone sexy” So sexy here means more of personality because as long as you are not scared to show off and you can carry yourself very well with confidence, you are sexy.

I’m sure there are still more ideas associated to the word sexy, but if I would ask you to define it? Will your definition makes you say “Yes, I’m sexy”? I hope so.


On August 1, 2007, I woke up at six o’clock in the morning. It was pretty early but I hurriedly went to the bathroom. I needed to take a bath. I didn’t know what to feel—I felt nervous and excited at the same time. “This is the start of the new chapter of my life”, I said to myself. Yes, it really was! It was the day that I will be committing myself to someone whom I will be spending the rest of my life with—IT WAS MY WEDDING DAY!

I’m sure for those who are already married, you also felt the same way during the day that you and you spouse exchanged your “I Do’s” The day when you both promised to love, care and understand your partner for the rest of your lives. The very moment you both started wearing your wedding bonds. The time you decided to share everything that you have to your partner including the happiness, sadness, dreams, problems etc.

It’s been over a year and ten months since that vow and now I tried to ask myself. Am I a good wife to my husband? Are we both doing what we supposed to do? Will we have a happy ending? In spite of all these questions, I am wishing for one thing—I want my marriage to work!

I know my husband and I love each other so much, but I believe we still need to exert more effort so we will get where we wanted to be; and to be able to do what we had promised in front of the altar—to be together forever.

With this regard, I read some articles on the internet and I also asked my married friends on how to make the marriage works. And here are some of the tips I gathered

1. Always say ‘I love you’
2. Communication is the key.
3. Always have a fun time together
4. Don’t sleep without solving the problem
5. Agree to disagree
6. Always ask God’s guidance
7. Make yourself attractive to your partner
8. Respect each other.

I’m sure there are still things that you can think other than the things I listed above. You can always do anything that would make your partner feel special. In everything that you do, always remember that reason why you are doing it is to make you and your partner happy.

Local Search Engine

When I was looking for an international grocery store here in Saint Louis, I am thankful that I used the local search engine to find it. I was able to find the store that I was looking for, its exact address and telephone number. I also got the accurate direction to the store on this local search engine.

It’s so nice that with local.com we now have a one stop shop with all the businesses and services in our locality. Local search serves like a local yellowpages where we can find contact information like the address and contact number of all the local businesses in our city. Finding a local restaurant wouldn’t be hard anymore coz with local search you can find all different restaurant in your place—it maybe an Italian restaurant, Mexican, Chinese or Filipino restaurant.

So next time when you want to find anything within your locality, try local.com

June 11, 2009

A Perfect Vacation for the Whole Family

How will you describe a perfect vacation for you and your family? I bet you want to go to a beautiful place where you can totally relax and at the same time enjoy. There are many places where you and your family can experience this and Myrtle Beach Resorts are one of them.

Myrtle Beach Resort offers the fabulous vacation of a life time. This resort has well-appointed condos, friendly desk agents, superb housekeeping service and undeniably beautiful resort features like hot tubs, pools etc. You can also experience special packages like helicopter tours, spa treatment and many more. I’m pretty sure that anyone who would have their vacation here will enjoy not only the beautiful views of the place but also with the great and unique Myrtle Beach Accommodation.

So treat your whole family with a vacation that they will always cherish!


by Donnalyn Weir

How can I forget you?
When I always miss you so?
How can I erase you in my mind?
When I can’t leave our memories together behind?

How can I forget your face?
And the loving of your warm embrace
When every night I still dream about you,
That you are hugging me like it was true.

I want to forget you but how?
When I always remember our vow
The promise that we will stay forever
And no adversity can separate us from being together.

How can I forget you?
Please tell me how to.
Tell me how you did it.
That you didn’t even feel any hurt.

How to Choose and Take Care of Your Dog

Dog is considered man’s best friend that’s why it deserves love and affection. Other pet owners don’t just consider their dog as a pet but as a friend and as a member of the family.

If you are planning to have a dog, here are some few tips to follow:

1. Buy your puppies from reputable pet stores to make sure that they are healthy and free from injuries and diseases. Tails R Wagging for one has puppies like pugaliers for sale that are healthy and already trained.

2. If you already have a dog, make sure that you feed your dog with the proper and healthy dog food.

3.Walk with your dog everyday. Walking is an exercise for a dog to make it stay fit and healthy.

4. Give your dog a bath once in a month.

5. Bring your dog in a place that provides a good dog grooming service once in awhile. A well-groomed dog is pretty, cuddly and healthy.

5. Teach your dog to obey you. Teaching a dog about the simple commands like sit down or stay is enjoyable and rewarding.

Home Security System

Home Security Systems are widely used nowadays. People secure their homes because by doing so, they are not only securing the house itself but they are also securing their lives.

Having a home security will lessen your worries about intruders, trespassers, thieves, fires etc. You will also have a peace of mind even you leave your house during vacation because you are aware that your home is secured.

There are many trusted home alarm companies that can secure your home 24/7.ADT security is one of them and they are considered number one in the business of securing homes in America.

Always remember that our home is one of our valued assets and should be protected.

June 10, 2009

Buying a Franchise

Nowadays people prefer to buy franchise because it is less risky than starting a business from a scratch. Also in franchise it is not hard for you to advertise your product because the name of the company is already recognized by the people. Franchise also has a proven system of business that would likely to success.

Buying a franchise is not really hard if you consider some important factors like the following:

1. In what business category you want to buy a franchise? Ask yourself in what field you are most interested: food, automobile, cleaning etc.

2. Find the franchise name that is most recognized and popular on that field. It is always better to buy the franchise that has become a household name so that you don’t have to spend more for the advertisement later on.

3. How big is the franchise network? Is the network big enough? The franchise network will tell you how successful that business.

4. Where is the best location to buy your franchise?

5. Who will be my target customers?

6. Where to find the best franchise for sale? Find an online directory. There franchise directories online that can help you locate the best franchise for salthat you are looking for. FranchiseAdvantage.com is one of them.

Planning things before buying a franchise will surely help in making your business successful. Don’t just buy anything that is up for grab. Buy the best one.


Why do we need to get a life insurance? Well, because life is so unpredictable. We don’t know what will happen in the future so being prepared is always best.

I am a mother and though I know I ‘m still young I still can’t predict the future. I want the best for my baby and I want him to have a bright future no matter what will happen to me.

Having a life insurance is one way of preparing the future. If you have a life insurance, you can live your life everyday feeling secured and confident that if things go wrong, your love ones will still have a bright future.

Getting a life insurance isn’t as hard as it sounds. You can actually shop it online. Financial One for one is an online shopping place where you can compare different insurance rates from over 140 companies. Here you can also get an instant life insurance quotes.If money is your problem, try to find the cheap life insurance that suits your budget.

Don’t let anything hinder you in securing yours and your love ones’ future. Get a life insurance and live your life to the fullest.

June 9, 2009


Mailbox is the equipment that receives our important letters and bills that is why it’s really necessary to choose the best mailbox for our home.

In choosing the right mailbox for your home try to consider the following:

1. Choose the type and style of mailbox that suits you. Do you prefer a wall mount mailbox or the post mount mailbox? Both wall mount and post mount mailboxes have many different styles to choose from, so try to find which one suits your style.

2. Select the color right color of the mail box. If it is wall mount mailbox, the color should complement the house but if it’s a post mount mailbox, choose the color that would look good with the surrounding like the landscaping of the yard.

3. After knowing the type, style and color of the mailbox you are looking for, it’s time for you to find and buy it. There are two choices for that. One, you can go to malls to personally purchase it and the other one and I think the easiest is to shop them online. Buying them online can save you both time and energy. If you decided to buy it online make sure that you are buying it from a trustworthy online store/company. Mailboxichange is I think one of those trustworthy dealers that sell both commercial and residential mailboxes.

I hope you will find the right mailbox for you.

On Technology : Life Alert Devices

Last week I went with my friend when she visited her grandma who lives in Springfield. Her grandma is on her near 60’s. She lives alone and does everything. She is a sweetheart. She even cooked our dinner that night.

I never knew the reasons behind why my friend’s grandma doesn’t live with them and why she’s living alone at her age. I don’t want to be noisy that’s why I just kept the question to myself. One thing I know is that, though she lives alone she is protected by a life alert device.

With a life alert device, people who live alone will be protected all the time, 24/7 with a live help. Even if they fall and can’t manage to push any button, a life alert device called fall detector by Brickhouse Alert will be the one to call for help. Aside from this device, Brickhouse Alert also has smoke alarm, intruder alarm and other devices that would secure our love one’s safety.

With life alert devices, we will have a peace of mind even our old love ones will choose to live alone and enjoy their independence.

My Dream Watch

Luxury watches are beautiful and elegant. They are use more as an expensive jewelry than a timepiece; more as fashion statement than a time telling instrument. In most cases, they are even use as a status symbol— because only those who are well off and rich people can afford the priciest watches.

I love luxury watches though sometimes they can be very pricey. Cartier Tank Americaine Ladies’ Watch is my all time dream watch. For me this is the most beautiful and elegant among luxury watches. This watch has an 18k white gold case, an adorable 18k white gold strap with diamonds on it and it also has set of diamonds on its bezel.

* Photo Source

Buying expensive watches for some rich people is really a habit. They love to collect luxury watches of every brand and style. In Thewatchery.com you can find almost all brands of beautiful luxury watches like Movado and Tag Heuer. They only sell new and authentic watches with serial numbers and they also offer return policy and warranty, so it’s safe to buy your watch here.

Luxury watches can be expensive but let’s admit that the elegance that they can add to our looks is priceless.