June 6, 2009

My Prayer

by Donnalyn Weir

Every night before I sleep
I say a little prayer for the world
I ask God with all my heart
To give this world a brand new start

My heart is crying
While I am praying..

Lord, please heal this sinful land
Famine and war, I give it your hand
Please hear the cry of the helpless
Don’t let this world be led by the heartless

Father I pray for our leaders
So they'll have a heart to care for others
I hope spreading peace will go so far
So this world will finally be free from war.

Our Almighty God please hear my voice
And give my heart the reason to rejoice.

Best Summer Getaway: A Beach Resort

Where is your best summer getaway this year? I think there is no sweeter summer vacation than a summer spends in a beautiful beach resort.

So this summer try to visit Myrtle Beach Resorts and find the most beautiful beach resorts that a beach bum like me will really enjoy. There are so many superb and beautiful Myrtle Beach Hotels to stay and all you have to do is choose.

With the fantastic accommodation and amenities that a Myrtle Beach Resort offers, I am sure you will really have a blast this summer.

Booking online is just easy. You can also check for their special vacation packages to get the best deal.

So get tan this summer. Hit the beach!

June 5, 2009


Swimsuit is one of the most popular words associated with summer. Why? It is because summer is the time for endless pool parties and sun tanning in beaches or swimming pools. Women like me always make sure to buy the best swimsuit for the fun summer swimming.

So what’s the best swimsuit to wear this year? What brand has the coolest and hottest style? Where can we possibly find the best deal?

Every woman has her own taste and preference when it comes to buying swimsuit. ShopWiki.com has a very informative guidelines on how to choose the best swimsuit for you this summer and I am glad I read it. After reading the article I decided to pick the swimsuit bikini. I love it for tanning and of course for swimming.

I always love to be trendy all year long that’s why I am thankful that I browsed the internet and found the coolest trends for this year's summer. In ShopWiki UK you can find almost all brands that are hot for chothing fashion and style.

ShopWiki UK doesn’t only have the summer best collections but it also have variety of cool stuffs for spring. From the girly cutie dresses to the gorgeous and sexy shorts, ShopWiki UK has it all.
You can also check and shop here the best autumn and winter clothes like coats, woolen sweater and other trendy stuffs that will let you stay stylish from the autumn season to the super cold winter.

So shop and grab the hottest swimsuit now and enjoy the summer!

Reasons Why People Switch to Satelite TV

Why more and more people are switching from cable to Direct TV? After some researches and hearing some opinions from real people, I found out that the following are reasons why they are now dumping the cable TV service.

1. Direct TVis cheaper. In most areas, the average bill every month of Cable TV users are higher than Direct TV users. Direct TV is also easy and affordable to setup and it has no hidden fees.

2. Direct TV Service way better. Direct TV has 99.9% signal reliability. Sometimes when cable TV lost its signal ,like electricity it takes time to come back.

3. Direct TV offers the highest standard of digital quality. Though both Cable TV and Direct TV offers HDTV some Cable channels use analog signals which have a lower quality of signal.

4. Direct TV offers a free standard professional installation. Aside from free installation, the professional installer will also teach the user how to use the Direct TV System including the programming of remote and other services offer by Direct TV.

Because more and more people are now doing the switch, Cable TV is now becoming obsolete. Reliability is very important to TV and Direct TV gives that to its customers.


What are the hottest and the coolest cars this year? Car is considered to be one of our necessities here in US. Everyone needs it for transportation that’s why I am getting one for myself soon.

In buying a car, it’s hard to choose which car is the best for you because buying a new car is no joke. They are generally expensive. So for me to have more information about what’s in and hot and which one has the best deal, I read some car reviews online. After some browsing, I considered the following cars deserve to be on my top list.

1.) 2009 Audi S5 - This car has a 9.2 out of ten overall rating in TheCarConnection.com. Audi as a car brand is known as a luxury and expensive car like Mercedes-Benz and BMW’s, so expect 2009 Audi S5 to be expensive. According to car pros this car has high ratings when it comes to its performance, style, comforts and other good features. It maybe expensive but I’m sure it is worth every penny and this one is on my top list.

2.) 2010 Lincoln MKT - This is a stylish crossover with truck-based SUV’s interior room. It has the coolest style and feature and it is fuel efficient compared to most SUV’s. If you like the 2009 Lincoln MKT, I’m sure you will love this one too.

3.) 2009 Nissan Maxima - This car has an adorable looks. Its interior design is so stylish. It also has excellent sport seats, great steering and it offers a quiet absorbent ride. It has an overall 8 out of ten rating in TheCarConnection.com.

4.) 2010 Ford Transit Connect - This car is the least expensive compared to the other mentioned cars above. This car is initially geared for commercial but I can really say this can also be for personal use. This one has a large space for cargo that’s why it is more of commercial than personal use.

June 4, 2009

Choosing and Purchasing the Best Ceiling Fans

I really believe that a beautiful ceiling fan adds elegance to the room. For me, our dining room and bedroom wouldn’t be as beautiful as they are if there were no beautiful ceiling fans on it.

I always prefer buying Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans. They have a lot of different kinds of beautiful and elegant ceiling fans to choose from. The Victorian-Fancy style of Casablanca 19th Century is my favorite among them.

*Photo Source

There are so many things to consider when buying a ceiling fan. We consider the brand, style and or course its price. Sometimes it's hard to choose which one is the best to purchase that’s why it’s best to seek the expert’s advice. Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans is the online ceiling fans expert since 1994 and I am sure they really know what are the do's and don't in choosing a ceiling fan. They also have a large selection of different beautiful Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans like the popular brands Hunter, Casablanca, Minka Aire and many others. I’m sure anyone can find the best ceiling fan that suits their own taste here.

Choosing the best ceiling fans to purchase is sometimes hard and confusing.My consideration is always my budget and the quality of the product. Sometimes buying the more expensive one is a smarter move because its quality is also better.

Ceiling fans do not only make the rooms of our house beautiful but they also help reduce the cost of our cooling and heating bills that's why having them is indeed a good idea.


Dancing is one way of staying physically fit while having fun that’s why I decided to enroll in a dancing class this summer. Since dancing is one of the things that I really like to do, I’m sure I going to enjoy it.

So earlier today I searched the internet what is the best pair of dance shoes for me and where can I get it. While I was browsing the net, I came across Zappos.com . It has a large selection of dance shoes for different types of dances like ballet, ballroom, gymnastics, modern dance and a lot more.

Since there are so many dance shoes to choose from, I know can definitely get the best dance sneaker for my modern dance that would offer comfort to my feet when I finally step on that dance studio. I also love it that Zappos.com offers free shipping and free 365-day returns. It means if something’s wrong with the product I can always return it. It’s just a wow, isn’t it?

Zappos.com also has a large selection of men's dance shoes for different types of dances, so men can definitely do their shoe shopping here too.

I can't wait to order my new dance sneaker and dance with it soon!

June 3, 2009

How to Promote Your Website Effectively?

Internet is the best and easiest medium to promote anything because it’s a fact that almost everybody now would search the internet for all who’s, what’s, how’s, why’s, where’s and other never ending inquiries; so making a website to promote yourself or your business and making blogs for money would be a very good idea nowadays. But does having a website enough? Unfortunately no! You can’t just create a website and assume that people will find it. You have to realize that once it is not listed on the first page of the major search engines, all your effort exerted in making that website will be wasted. People who search the net would usually click only the result listed on first page of the search engine, so it is very important to make sure the your website will be on that page.

So how can you ensure that your website will be listed on the first page of the major search engines including Google?Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the answer. SEO is a process of optimizing/ improving the number of traffic of your website receives through managing its internal and external components. Yes, it is not just about using the proper keywords of the web content for the website to be listed on the first page; SEO tackles beyond that aspect to ensure the success of your website. The more people find your website, the better its success rating.

Another way of making sure that your website will be on the top list of the major search engines is through Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This process is done through buying the keyword/ keywords by bidding on them. In other words, you pay for the rank of your website on the search engines result. Through using this, you can open your business immediately to your customers, thus saving you time and money.

The success of your website is mostly dependent on the quality and volume of traffic it receives. And yes, Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing are two of the most effective ways to make your site receives the number of traffic that would ensure its success.