April 27, 2009


by Donnalyn Weir

What is hope?
It’s the cool breeze of spring
When roses and tulips are blooming
It’s the smell that’s brought by a new morning
When the beauty of the sun is rising

It’s the appearance of the colorful rainbow
After strong storm blew
It’s the innocent smile you see
In the child’s face that’s so happy

It’s a comforting hug from a mother
When you feel a betrayal from a lover
It’s the courage to wipe the tears in your eyes
And the promise that you will get the prize
The prize of humanity
That will heal the world’s insanity.

What is hope?

It’s the spirit to stand against war
Or the courage to stand with the poor
It’s the teenager who preferred to be ignored by friends
Than be popular and be influenced
By the fatal drugs that would make him impudence

April 26, 2009


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