April 23, 2009


by Donnalyn Weir

She wasn’t the timid girl who only sat in the corner.
The one whom everyone thought to be shy forever
She wasn’t the one who cried every time someone scared her
For now, she is braver than ever
She wasn’t the little girl who always bruised her knees
Because now, she holds the key
On how to be careful and "Please stay"
Will never be again her plea.

She wasn’t the one who was afraid to be left alone in the dark
For now, she believes being alone is smart
She wasn’t the one who was waiting for someone on the doorway
For now she chooses to work hard to occupy her whole day
So she won’t have time to wait for someone who’s not coming
For she knows, everything is temporary and nothing is staying.

She wasn’t the one who enjoyed the smell of a flower
For now, she refuses to appreciate the beauty over power.
She wasn’t the one who hungered for love
For now, she couldn't careless and she just flies like a dove

She wasn’t the girl you once knew.
Because she is now smarter, wiser and knows how to argue
She wasn’t that poor girl you once used and hurt
Because now, she just considers you nothing but a dirt.

She is now stronger and smarter
She has fixed her heart and is now a fighter.
She is wiser.
And she has promised no one will use her again, ever!

April 22, 2009

On Technology: File Extension U3p

Computers are one of the most important things in the world today. We use it in checking our emails, surfing the net, chatting, gaming and most of all, it is the storage of our millions of files like important documents, photos and a lot more other stuffs.

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File Extention U3p may not be familiar to most of us but there are already a great number of people who have tried using it and have enjoyed the free download of the driver detective software from the website to their computers. Downloading the software will enable you to scan your computer system and check if there are any computer drivers that need to be updated.

Computers and other technologies are very helpful to human. We just have to learn how to use it properly so we can enjoy its advantage and not suffer from its harmful effects

April 19, 2009

A Poor Man's Agony

by Donnalyn Weir

Sometimes you feel that everything is against you
That the world is so cruel that everyone seems to be your foe
You look at yourself in the mirror and there you see
You’re not the one you wanted to be
For the reflection only tells you nothing
But a poor man who can never owns anything
You asked yourself “Why Am I like this?”
“Am I being cursed to get only the least?”
Your physical appearance isn’t good
Your pocket has nothing that you can’t almost buy your food
You look around you and the only thing that’s obvious
You have a house that no one else will ever be envious

Tears are falling down from your tired eyes
While looking up, praying that fate will be kind
To someone like you who has nothing in life
But hope that one day you will also see light
To guide you in reaching your dreams
That are seem to be unreachable
The dream that someday you will also be capable
Of preparing abundant foods on your table
So you can invite those street kids and poor people
To come and eat the foods that are so delicious
Giving joy to their eyes that are so precious

You wipe your tears away
As you start to face the reality
That the world is so devious
And the word UNFAIR isn’t mysterious
You can see it when power defeats the weak
When rich enjoys spending his money
While poor man works so hard to get something that’s barely
Enough to let him eat for a day

Oh America!

by Donnalyn Weir

Oh America, Land of Liberty
What has happened to thee?
Where was your unfading love and beauty?
Can we still call you, Land of Opportunity?

God had blessed you so
That the whole world looked up you with awe
But now, why do nations hate you?
And people consider you their foe?

Do you still want our God to be pleased?
Of the goodness and freedom you had promised
Or maybe now you are one of those selfish beasts
That even taking care of you people is now on you last list.

Oh America!
Where is your democracy?
Do you still have it?
I am hoping.
I am praying.