January 24, 2009

I Won't Leave You, Even If I die

By: Donnalyn Weir

If God will finally take me,
I don’t want to see;
A single tear in your eye.
Or to hear any words saying goodbye.

If I finally end my journey
I don’t want you to be sorry,
For it doesn’t mean farewell;
‘Cause in your heart I still dwell.

If I finally close my eyes
I don’t want to hear any cries
Instead, I want to hear your angelic voice,
Singing the song of my choice.

When I finally stop breathing
I don’t want you to be mourning.
‘Cause my wish is for you to be happy
And those smile in your face to stay.

If I’m gone don’t cry on my grave,
‘Cause I’m not there, I still live.
Feel me in your heart
And you’ll know we’ll never be apart.

January 21, 2009

I Just Can't Let Him Go....

by Donnalyn Weir

Why keep on trying?

When the pain he brings,

Is awfully excruciating?

Her heart is bleeding,

Blood is dripping,

Bruises are obvious,

Still she can’t afford to lose,

The brutal beast,

With an aromatic kiss,

The pain he brings,

Is killing her soul.

But one kiss from him

Makes her heart asks

To love him more

Like a hopeless fool.