December 30, 2009

A Sad Christmas Poem

I know there were so many people around the world who had spent their Christmases without their love ones. I made this poem especially to all of you. I know it's tough to spend the most beautiful season of the year without the people you love. This year's Christmas I wasn't able to spend it with my parents :(

Christmas Without My Love
By: Donnalyn Weir

Christmas lights are already shining and blinking
When you said you are leaving.
My Christmas cheers
Are then turned to tears.

Why do you have to leave me?
What did I do to make you angry?
How can I celebrate this season alone?
When I can't reach you even on your phone?

My Christmas can only be completed by you
I don't want anyone new
I don't want other hand to hold mine
I don't want snow, I want your sunshine

Christmas must be very cold
Without you near me to hold
Please let me know
That you'd be under the misletoe
Because all I want this Christmas is you.

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