December 2, 2009

Poem : His Secret Heart

I remember when I was in high school my guy friend used to love a girl in school but he was so ashamed to tell her his feelings.

I think this situation has happened to a lot of us. A certain situation when we just can't tell our real feelings to someone because we think we are not good enough for them or maybe we are just a nobody compared to them

This poem is dedicated to all everyone who chooses to keep their love a secret!

His Secret Love
By Donnalyn Weir

"You are amazingly beautiful!"
This is the line I want to tell you.
But how could I ever say this?
When you don't even know I exist?

"You are the only girl I dream"
This is the truth that I want to scream
I want to tell you this, but how?
When everything is against and no one will allow?

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you"
This is the vow that I want you to know.
But how can I share this, if I'm scared?
How can I if I know my voice will never be heard?

"I love you more than my life"
"You alone is my dream wife"
How can I tell you all of these?
When every time I see you I freeze?

You are my only dream girl.
You're above than the rarest pearl.
But I am so scared to talk to you.
And I know you will never be my boo.

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