December 11, 2009

A Philippine Poem

If my fellow Filipinos read this poem they will know exactly what I am talking about. This poem is dedicated to my beloved country, The Philippines!

Our Suffering Motherland
By Donnalyn Weir

Assassinated by her own blood
Her traitors are the people she thought her beloved
Her sweetness has been abused
Her name has been stained and used

Where is the love she once knew
From her people who fought against her foe
Her heart bleeds to see how her people suffer
Under the "leaders' who want nothing but money and power.

Should her people stand against the abusive beast
So in poverty they will all be released?
She thinks the leaders who supposed to lead
Are the parasites who possess evil and greed

Where are the hardships of Rizal and Bonificio gone?
Where is the freedom she once had?
She, The Philippines is again a prisoner?
Please don't let it happen.
Don't let the beasts rule over her!

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