December 19, 2009

Not Good in Math? Ask HELP!

My favorite subjects in high school and college were Math, Physics and Chemistry. I love dealing with numbers and solving Mathematical problems because they are very challenging. Everytime I solve a difficult Math problem I feel so fulfilled.

Not all students are like me though. I remember back then that there were so many of my classmates that were stuggling on Math problems. And I know it's quite true even todays. If you'd ask a class of 50 who wants to deal with Math, I think only 5-10 students would say yes. Okay, maybe you are one of these students who don't really like Math and would say " Math isn't my major, so what the heck?" Maybe it isn't your major but do you think you'd graduate in high school without taking any Math? Sadly, you can't. Math like Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry and even Calculus are in high school that's why whether you like it or not, you need to try your very best to learn and pass your Math subjects.

Passing your Math subject would be a little hard if you are not that good in numbers. I know exactly how it feels because every man has its own field where he/ she is good at. If you are not that good in Math, you can still get a good Math grade if you'd study very well. I mean you have to give more time and effort on it. Online tutoring can be of big help to you. Internet is really a big help because now you can find many sites that offer online Math tutoring to K2 students and college students. is one of the sites that offer precalculus help, Statistics help and even Chemistry help. This site offers Math answers to all of your problems in Math in cheaper rate. The good thing about online tutoring is the fact that you can use it any time you need it. You don't really need to pay high fees to tutors if you'd use this too.

I hope to our college and high school students who are really struggling with their Math won't give up. If you are not really good at numbers, just give more time and effort on how to understand the subject. I'm sure you can still get maybe not the highest grade but still a really good one.

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