December 13, 2009

Filipino-American Christmas Party 2009 in Saint Louis

We had so much fun at the Filipino-American party held at John F. Kennedy Wall here in Saint Louis last night. It was a night of meeting friends, eating Filipino foods and watching other Filipinos performed. There were singing and dancing. There were so many other things that had happened that night but the most unforgettable was my baby being a dancer the whole night. Hahaha! He is only 19 months but he danced there the whole night at the dance floor. He is just so adorable.

Okay, I took some photos last night and I want to share them to you. Here are some of them:

with the ladies..

My baby and daddy

At the dance floor..

My baby and I..

My friend Shie and I..


  1. perti man nimong ka hottie ani dai kagwapa ba kau ani hehe grabe nga disco dai noh hehe

  2. nkakita ko sa fb dai grabe nga performed sa baby nalingaw kau ko hehehe sus mkaibog naay anak oi

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