December 10, 2009

The Car I Wish to Have this Christmas

For some people, Christmas gifts are just expensive because they are giving expensive gifts like cars. I think it would be awesome to get a gift that expensive. If ever I would write my wishlist on car, I would write the following:

Ford Mustang-- Who doesn't want to have this car? My friend got a red convertible of this and it is really hot. Checking the reviews for this car at I think the new Ford Mustang is awesome. I am dying to have this car. It is a total kick a*s but yes, its price is also not cheap. Its price is as high as $51,325. Wow! That's too expensive, isn't it? But well, you are paying for what you get. This car is definitely on my wishlist.

Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen is also on my list. This car is the best for those who want a fuel-effecient car. This car is also offer luxury and a really nice cool feature. This car is great and I would be very happy to get this as a Christmas present. The price for this car is $19,265 - $25,410. It is still pretty expensive! LOL

Cadillac is also one of my wishlist of course. Darn! This car is just awesome. Who doesn't like this? I think all young people out there love this car. Its name alone can say its a car of luxury and finest features. The brand alone say it is also expensive. I check prices of these cars at and OMG they are expensive. There are even Cadillac over $85k. Man, I want this car!

If you are like me who wants car for Christmas and you want to check the best car for you. Check the car ratings and reviews at and you can read this for more info URL.

Merry Christmas. I hope I get a new car this year!

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