November 17, 2009

Poem: How to Achieve Happiness

Happiness, how can we achieve it? They say, it is as hard as to attain the world peace and I couldn't agree more. I think even the meaning of happiness can means different to different people. So if you ask, how can we be happy, the answer will be more subject. There will be no the same answer to this question.

I also ask the same question to myself that's why I was able to make this poem.


By: Donnalyn Weir

Happiness, how can we define it?
Is it the sweetness of an apple that we eat?
Or an extra ordinary taste of a lover’s kiss?
Or maybe it's the good times of the past that we reminisce

How can we measure happiness?
For some it is the number of success
In some women it is the carat of diamond ring on their finger.
For many, it is a loving marriage with their lover.

When can we really be happy?
Can we find it the things we see?
Can I find it in others or within me?
Is there one in the deep ocean or sea?

For the religious,
It is when they are righteous.
For the poor,
It is when they get little food or more
For the parents,
It’s when they have loving children.

Finding happiness can be a difficult quest
For a dreamer, it can cause a lot of stress
It’s frustrating to have it when you want only the best
But try to appreciate the simple things, I suggest
And you will find yourself happy and blessed

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