November 25, 2009

Making My Christmas Exciting

This week is the Thanksgiving Party and after that we will be all celebrating the joyous holiday of the year-- Christmas!

I love Christmas. I think we all do, right? This year's Christmas is really special because I'll get to celebrate it with my baby who is 19 months old. This year, I am planning to make a custom Christmas cards in which my baby's photo would be there. I will be giving these Christmas cards to friends and relatives as a sign of greetings and thoughtfulness.

So, how can I make the custom cards really pretty? Obviously, I am not good at it that's why I will be hiring someone to do it for me. I asked my friend if she could give me a recommendation on this thing and she did email me the link When I read the site I found out that they make invitations, announcements and cards for different holidays and celebrations. What is great about this company is the fact that they can do all sorts of services to make the invitations/cards perfectly customized and do what their customers preferred. They do some stuffs to make the photos look great like photo restoration, red-eye removal and blemishes and background removal.

Though picturemeperfect is based in Houston, TX they also serve customers across the country and sometimes beyond.

I'm so excited about the Christmas cards thingy. I'm sure my baby would look so cute on the cards:) What about you? What are your plans to make this year's Christmas exciting and special?

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