November 27, 2009

For Zimmer Durom Cup Patients

Maybe you already have heard about the issues on Zimmer Durom Cup because this was first came up in the public last year, 2008. These issues were about the people who had been the victim of defective Durom cup hip replacement. According to the report, there were so many patients who had undergone Durom hip replacement were needed to be surgically revised because the product malfuctioned and failed.

Maglio Christopher Toale and Pitts Law Firm was the first lawfirm that filed lawsuit in United States in behalf of the patients against the manufacturer, seller and distributor of the said product.There were many Zimmer Durom cup types that failed and there many patients who want to fight for their rights against the failure of the product. If you are one of the patients who want to be heard, don't hesitate to ask for help. It's not too late to fight for your right.

I hope everyone would get what they deserve!

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