November 27, 2009

Finding States and National CD Rates

Choosing the bank that would take care our financial transaction could be a little hard especially if we do not know what bank has the best service in our town. Today I came across a site that do bank profiles in each states and across the nation. is what I am talking about. In this site you will be able to find bank rates of all the bank in your state. For example you are looking for bank with best DC rates in the country or a certain state, you can visit this site and compare the bank DC rates in the entire state or the whole of United States.

Bank Certificate of Deposit rates or bank CD rates in each banks are not similar at all that's why it is best to find which bank has the higher or the lower bank CD's. For me, it is very important to know the short term and long term CD rates of the bank before even choosing which one to trust your financial transactions. I may not be the best adviser in banking stuffs but I sure am aware of my own transactions in the bank and how my bank is doing.

So again if you are looking for the bank profiles and CD rates of the banks in your state or in the whole United States visit selectCDrates and give this site a try.

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