November 16, 2009

Diamonds Are Forever

" You are worth it!" This was my husband's answer when I asked him why did he buy me a diamond ring that's worth thousands of dollars. Sometimes I really am practical but there are really times when I also want to be treated like a princess and enjoy the luxuries of life. I don't want to consider a diamond ring to be one of life's luxuries but I think having them makes me feel I am being loved like a princess.

My husband proposed to me with a diamond ring and gave me another diamond wedding ring when we got married. I feel very special that he gave me those. I know not everyone get to have a diamond ring. Like the line goes, "Diamonds are forever" I hope we will also stay happily together forever.

It's nice to have an expensive diamond ring but there is no way love is not measured by the worth of you ring. The most important in marriage is the love and care you both share; and the promise to stay honest to each other.

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