October 8, 2009

Things to Consider Before Having Sex

Sex is maybe one of life’s most fulfilling experiences. Let’s admit it, we all love sex. Old, young, men, women— we all have the urges to fulfill our sexual fantasies.

Sex is very enjoyable but we should be aware that the things that we DO NOT know about sex may hurt us. We can’t just hop on one’s bed, have sex and enjoy it. Everything that we enjoy comes with responsibility and yes if you want to engage in sexual activities, do it responsibly.

Take into consideration the following:

Ø Be Smart. If you haven’t tried having sex and planning to have one, make sure that you are doing the right thing. Ask yourself “Am I really ready for this?” “Is having sex will make me happy?” “Am I on the right age?”

Ø Protect yourself. There are many ways to protect ourselves from ill-results of engaging in sex. One of these is abstinence. This is the most advised way to protect the young people from having unwanted pregnancy or having sexually transmitted diseases. The success rating of this is 100% if they follow not to engage in sex but since it is very hard to implement this; there are other alternatives like using condoms and other contraceptives. If you are having two or more sex partners, don’t use pills because it will not protect you from STD’s. I wound say condom is the right for you, if you are having more than one sex mates.

Sex is good only IF you are doing it responsibly. Don’t just go around and have sex with everyone. Be smart!

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