October 28, 2009

Stop Racism: Start it in Yourself

I love Family Guy. I think it is one of my favorite shows on TV but sometimes their jokes can be very offensive. In one of their shows they were portraying a British guy with a very bad set of teeth. I was like, “Darn! That is so not cool that they are making fun of other races”.

I think it is not only the TV shows like Family Guy that do this. Sometimes at certain point we tend to be racist. Lines that I’ve read over the internet and heard from other people like “blondes are dumb” Whites are laid-back” Blacks are not beautiful” “Filipino women are submissive to their husbands” These are only very few lines that suggest that we are being racist at some point.

I grew up in the Philippines and I know that Filipinos out there are so obsessed of making their skin lighter. It’s like if you are white then you are beautiful. When I get here in America I came to realize that you can be beautiful in whatever color you are. Others even go to a tanning salon just to have a tan. It’s really funny sometimes.

I hope we will stop being racist. We should bear in mind that there are smart people in any color and race. Beauty is not determined in your race and color. We should trait everyone as an individual rather than as a group.

Peace to everyone!

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