October 13, 2009

On Technology: Data Card

With the fast-paced technology that we have today we always encounter new terms. Today I came across with the term Data card.Data card is defined as a removable component of a computer which looks like a size of a credit card. This card is useful to transfer data among computers and it this card is also use to provide wireless internet connection to desktops and laptops.

Reading the site about data card taught me that data cards are now being used in the Country of India. Companies that provide broadband connection in that country are Airtel, Bsnl, Mthl, Reliance,Tata Indicom, Idea, Vodaphone, Aircel and a lot more. It has been a lot easier for the people in India to have a mobile broadband because they are able to do things on the internet even they are away from home or office.

To know more about data cards and broadband companies that provide these services in India, please visit http://www.datacard.in/

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