October 2, 2009

Have a Successful Trade Show Exhibit

When I saw one of the trade shows here in Saint Louis I was amazed how the booths and everything was beautifully arranged. After that day, I searched over the internet how to design a trade show exhibits.

Here are some tips I have gathered:

1. Have the best trade show booth. Trade show booths are used to display your product that’s why it is very important to design them appropriately. How you display your products in your booths will surely affect your trade show exhibit’s success.

2. Know the appropriate table cover and table skirts to use. Consider the color of the table cover and how you design it to the type of product you are selling. Would you want the table cover to be more color or more classy or professional. What table skirt to use?—Blank, Repeat Print, Full Color Flat Panel, etc.

3. What banner stand to use. There are many type of banner stands to use in a trade show exhibits and it is very important to use the most appropriate one for your exhibit. Some examples of them are Retractable banner stands, Standard banner stands, Telescoping banner stands and Outdoor Banner stands. There are so many types of banner one to choose from. Know what is best for your product exhibits.

4. Consider having a pipe and drape. Pipe and drape are use to beautify the booths. Some of pipe and drape styles are multi-print, maxi-print and full color.

For those who are planning to have a trade show exhibit, make sure to have a marketing strategy first before having one. Its not only how you display your products in the exhibit, its how you plan the whole thing.

For those who are worrying how to design the booths and more things needed for the whole trade show exhibit design please visit camelbackdisplays.com for more information.

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