October 23, 2009

Getting a Car with a Poor Credit History is Okay

Drive Time which is consider to be the nation’s largest dealership with 77 locations specializing in dealing used cars to people with poor credit history has a new way to make it easier for its customers, specifically to the resident of Austin, Texas to avail its services. This is through its new website Drivetime-austin.com. Through this website residents in Austin, Texas can easily apply and know whether they are approved to get a used car or not.

One of the good things about Drivetime is the fact that even people with poor credit score can be approved to buy a car from them. They believe that there are other circumstances in life that led one to be in what credit score he has now. Situations that is inevitable and out of ones control.

So if you are in Austin, Texas and dying to get a car try to visit drivetime’s website and complete the short online application. It’s so easy and you are as good as approved so, don’t be hesitant. Maybe it’s time for you to get your own ride now.

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