October 23, 2009

Don't Stop Believing: Arnel Pineda's Life Story

I always like fairytales because they always have happy endings. One of the best stories I have ever heard is the life story of the new front man of the band Journey. His life story is like a fairytale.

The Journey Band was really a big thing during 1970’s to 1980’s selling millions of album worldwide. When their former front man Steve Perry quitted, the band was been struggling to be back on its popularity until they discovered their new front man in the person of Arnel Pineda couple of years ago.

Arnel Pineda is a singer from the Philippines who came from a very humble beginning. He was discovered though the site Youtube.com. He used to have a very hard life in the Philippines, singing to earn money for his food.

When Arnel was featured in Oprah together with his band mates, I was so amazed of his life story and his voice. Man! He really has an amazing voice. And oh his life story is unbelievable. He, himself can’t even believe until now that he really is the lead singer of the legendary rock band.It never came to him to be this big and yet look where is he now. I quoted what he said in the show--- “Don’t stop believing.”

Today, as Arnel Pineda enjoys the taste of his new wonderful life; Journey is also starting to soar high.

Truly, if we have a dream and we won’t stop believing to ourselves and to God that one day we can also get it, nothing is really impossible. Arnel Pineda’s life is a good example that dreams do come true and there is a thing called HAPPY ENDING!

** Arnel Pineda with Journey live performance in Chile