September 19, 2009

My Friend is also Switching to Direct TV

When I told my friend that we are not using cable and we on Direct TV, she asked me a big “WHY?” I told her that the switch was one of the best decision that our family had made because we are enjoying TV more than ever before. I explained to her about the Direct TV packages where you can choose which channels will you want to have; whether it is more of movies, sports, etc.

When I showed the Direct TV site she found out about the best thing about using satellite TV over cable TV like the cheaper monthly bill and the best ever Direct Tv Service in which the costumer service representative is there 24/7 to answer any questions regarding their services.

She finally believes that Direct Tv deals are the best that is why, she is now switching too. She was so glad that I shared her about the advantages of using Direct TV over cable TV. (She was actually bitching about the ridiculous monthly bill of cable TV).

I am happy that I helped my friend made a good decision about switching to Direct

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