September 6, 2009


By Donnalyn Weir

Imagine that I was your girl
And we were sharing a love that was so real
Imagine that our love was true
Because my heart was only for you

Imagine that my dreams were real
So you’d know that I'd love to be your girl.
Imagine that you could read my heart
So you’d know, for you I’m willing to get hurt.

Imagine that in you I was near
So you can let my fear disappear.
Imagine you could hold my hand
Every time I needed a hand.

What if they were all true?
The things that we try to imagine
And being in love was our real feelings
What if we really meant it?
Would you still try force to just imagine it?


  1. hmmm nicepoem.... di mko ako papatulugin mamaya dahil sapoem mo... huhuhuhu sarap sanang mangarap na yung mahal mo ay mahal ka din...

  2. What an awesome poem u have here. I enjoyed reading it. Enjoy blogging!