September 10, 2009

Birthday Party at Myrtle Beach Resort

Next week is my friend’s birthday. He called me this morning to discuss with me about the party. He wants to have his party on the beach, so he thought of California or Florida. Since I already been to Myrtle Beach Resort, I recommended it to him. He was kind of hesitant at first because he never been there. He lives in New York and his friends who will be attending the party are from all over United States.

I asked him to go online so we can discuss the place thoroughly. I gave him the link where he could see the pictures of Myrtle Beach Resorts. He was quite impressed of the beach views and all. He said he would love to know the services and the facilities, so I told him that there are so many awesome Myrtle Beach Hotels to choose from and the services there are just amazing. He knew that I knew exactly what I was saying so he agreed with me.

He just informed all his friends about the party next week. Most of them could come and celebrate with him. Only few, including me who can’t; it suck but he knows I have a very good reason why I can’t make it. Though, I can't come he knows I would really love to.

I wish all the best for my friend. I know he is a good person and he deserves to be happy. Happy Birthday, Amigo!

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