August 18, 2009

Staying Fit is a Responsibility

Lately, I really do include working out as part of my daily routine just to stay fit. I never been overweight all my life but I am scared of being one.

Today, I had jogged for half an hour, had 50 sit-ups, and had danced for 15 minutes. I actually hate doing sit-ups because it makes me feel ill and I think it’s the hardest thing to do but I need to do it to have that abs that everyone wants. The one that I enjoy the most is dancing. I love to dance and I love every minute doing it.

Making ourselves stay fit all the time is very important. Aside from the fact that being it makes us more attractive, it also makes us healthy and strong and we know that being healthy is the most important. Here in America, obesity is one of the rising health problems especially to young people. This is because instead of doing some physical works, heading the gym or playing some basketball in the yard, they seat all day watching TV, playing video games or playing computer.

Staying fit and being healthy is our responsibility to our body. So put that sneakers on and start working out now.

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