July 6, 2009

Single Use Medical Electrodes

Today, while I was browsing the net I came across http://www.medical-electrodes.com/. This site discusses about a single use medical electrodes called Corkscrew electrodes. It is said that this product is a reliable alternative to the disc electrode system.

The goods things about this product are; it is easy to insert, require less preparation and it is cheaper.

Each package of this product contains six Corkscrew electrodes with different colors like red, black, yellow, blue, green and white. Since this is a single use electrode, I believe it is safer because you are sure that only one patient can use it, therefore the risk of transmitting disease to others using this is eliminated. All of these medical Corkscrew electrodes are sterilized.

If you are interested about knowing the product more and for orders please visit their site at http://www.medical-electrodes.com/.

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