July 14, 2009

Thoughts on Lottery Scams

It’s pretty annoying to check our emails everyday and read a lot of spam and one of them are lottery scams emails. I do a lot of things online that’s why I receive stuffs like these on my mail. Sometimes because we dream to be rich we are trapped by this lottery scam.

I read Lottery Scams blog today and I learned a lot of information on how to be more aware of those scams. It’s indeed true that if you have been using the internet for a long time it is very easy for you to recognize that an email is a lottery scam and yes for those who just used the email, they usually believe it.

It is very important to be aware of these lottery scams. Everyone should knowledgeable so that one should not fall on the trap of these scams.

It’s not wrong to dream that we can win and be rich but let’s be wise on that matter.

I, myself is a dreamer. Let me share this poem to you.

By Donnalyn Weir

You let me touch the priceless gem
And make me beautiful queen.
You let me own the diamonds,
And let me forget about my wounds.

You let me be the one
Who can get everything, even the whole land
You let me fly like an eagle
Or be a star that twinkles.

With you I can be the best
And be loved by the rest
I can be a billionaire
Or someone that owns the air.

Why can’t you take me?
In a paradise of beauty
A place that will hold me forever
Andwon’t bring me back here, ever!

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  1. very thoughtful, i used write a poem a day but life chores make me busy enough.

    thanks for always be my visitor,
    & have a good day.