July 16, 2009

I Updated My Computer

I was trying to update my computer drivers yesterday because it wasn’t working as fast as before. I am not really good in computer stuffs because most of the things I do in my pc are only internet stuffs, that'w why I had the hard times to update it. I tried to find the drivers that I needed to be updated but still its was confusing and I had no luck finding the right one.

Good thing I found an easy way to update my computer drivers today.I only downloaded it to access to my computer drivers. It’s easy and I was able to update my computer’s driver and got the latest update. Some of the drivers that you can update using it are audio drivers and webcam drivers that I know every PC has.

Now that I my computer has been updated, I'm now back to blogging and making my poems..

Have a good day everyone!

Poem of the day:

Beautiful Place
By Donnalyn Weir

The serenity of thy sky
Makes me feel that I could fly
And when I look around
Green tress and grasses, I have found.

Oh! This place is so beautiful.
God is so wonderful
To bless me with this place
Where I found peace

I beg to live here
And hope to stay here forever
City is just like a beast
But living here is like a sweetest kiss

The purity of thy air
Is like a mom that truly cares
I want to sleep in thy sweetness
Hope tomorrow I'll still wake up in this place.

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