July 9, 2009

Let's Help Stop the War

When North Korea threatened to blow up USA, it made me think that we are still in war until now. Nations never be peace with each other. Why is these things happening? Is it because we are all selfish and all we want is power and fame?

Well, I don't really know what to say so I made a poem about this.


by Donnalyn Weir

Millions of lives were lost
Because of their selfish cause,
Why do we want to see blood?
That’s flowing like a flood.

Families and friends cry
To hear that soldiers die
How many rivers of tears to be shed?
How many tons of lives are needed?

It’s a fight for centuries
To extend each other’s territories
Everybody wants power
So war, they discover.

Other wants to prove
Other people disapprove.
So because of selfishness,
They put the whole world in mess!

From the time Americans defeated Germans
To the countless death in March of Bataan,
Until now we are still in war.
So we want our quest for power to go this far?

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