July 26, 2009

I Got my Luggage Online

When we had our vacation in Las Vegas last month, I had to find a luggage that we can use for the trip. I wanted something that I can still use whenever we will have another getaway so I shopped hard to find the best bargain and the best style that I would love.

I was lucky enough to find the right one for me after I spent some time shopping on the net. I picked Hartmann luggage for myself. It’s pretty good size and it can accommodate many of my things. I also purchased a nice style Tumi luggage for my husband so that he can bring as much things for the trip.

There are actually many great luggages to choose from. Like the Briggs and Riley luggage that is also good for men. I am considering of getting one like that in the future. I think it is good for short trips like one night stay in hotel.

Shopping is always fun but I always make sure to consider my budget so that I wont over spend in a particular item and yes, it’s always the quality of the product the matters to me.

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  1. hehe ... u cary on so many luggage :P

    how r u dear, sorry for not attending ur blog for age.