July 6, 2009

Earning Money Through Your Blog

It was only about six months ago since I came across to blogging world. At first, I only did it for fun. Most of my entries were only about my personal thoughts of this and that. But one day while I was looking for ways to make my blog site look better, I learned that while having a blog I can also earn. That idea made me think of making this new blog. I thought it would be good if I will share this knowledge to others who would want to earn money through their blog.

As I mentioned above, you need to create a blog first. There are many websites that offer you an easy to use “how to create your own blog". Blogger.com is one of them. Don’t be scared about making one because it is just so simple. Your blog can be about anything under the sun. Make a daily journal. Blog your interest; it can be about sewing, games, poems or anything that appeals to you.

Second, make sure to pass your website URL to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and other search engines to improve your blog traffic. Why? Because the more popular your blog is, the higher its chance to earn more money.There are still a lot of ways to increase your blog traffic and I will make sure to share it with you here in the future.

If you did the above mentioned steps, then you can now start earning money. Yes, even if your website is still new; you can start earning through the use of Adsense. Adsense is a Google advertising program that gives opportunity to the website owners to earn by allowing Google to post relevant advertisements on their websites.

Earning money through your blog is not as hard as you have thought. The more you are exposed to the blogging world, the more you will learn of other ways to earn.

Happy blogging!


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  2. What if my blog is not posted in blogger? Can I still earn from it?

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