July 30, 2009

Camping in PA

Yesterday I talked to a friend from Pennsylvania via phone. She told me that she spent a week with her whole family at Gettysburg camping. I am from Saint Louis that’s why I didn’t know a lot about the RV camping Gettysburg, so I asked her to send me some photos of their short-vacation-slash-camping there.

When I saw the photos I would say PA rv camping is really great. The place is so beautiful that you can say “Yes, this is nature.” The beauty of the place plus the amenities is exceptional according to my friend. She told me she would definitely plan another camping next year in that place.

I am so happy that my friend’s whole family enjoyed their short vacation/camping this year and I am looking forward to their next camping next year.

I am also thinking, maybe I should plan a visit in PA so I can join them next year.

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