June 5, 2009

Reasons Why People Switch to Satelite TV

Why more and more people are switching from cable to Direct TV? After some researches and hearing some opinions from real people, I found out that the following are reasons why they are now dumping the cable TV service.

1. Direct TVis cheaper. In most areas, the average bill every month of Cable TV users are higher than Direct TV users. Direct TV is also easy and affordable to setup and it has no hidden fees.

2. Direct TV Service way better. Direct TV has 99.9% signal reliability. Sometimes when cable TV lost its signal ,like electricity it takes time to come back.

3. Direct TV offers the highest standard of digital quality. Though both Cable TV and Direct TV offers HDTV some Cable channels use analog signals which have a lower quality of signal.

4. Direct TV offers a free standard professional installation. Aside from free installation, the professional installer will also teach the user how to use the Direct TV System including the programming of remote and other services offer by Direct TV.

Because more and more people are now doing the switch, Cable TV is now becoming obsolete. Reliability is very important to TV and Direct TV gives that to its customers.

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