June 9, 2009

On Technology : Life Alert Devices

Last week I went with my friend when she visited her grandma who lives in Springfield. Her grandma is on her near 60’s. She lives alone and does everything. She is a sweetheart. She even cooked our dinner that night.

I never knew the reasons behind why my friend’s grandma doesn’t live with them and why she’s living alone at her age. I don’t want to be noisy that’s why I just kept the question to myself. One thing I know is that, though she lives alone she is protected by a life alert device.

With a life alert device, people who live alone will be protected all the time, 24/7 with a live help. Even if they fall and can’t manage to push any button, a life alert device called fall detector by Brickhouse Alert will be the one to call for help. Aside from this device, Brickhouse Alert also has smoke alarm, intruder alarm and other devices that would secure our love one’s safety.

With life alert devices, we will have a peace of mind even our old love ones will choose to live alone and enjoy their independence.

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