June 9, 2009

My Dream Watch

Luxury watches are beautiful and elegant. They are use more as an expensive jewelry than a timepiece; more as fashion statement than a time telling instrument. In most cases, they are even use as a status symbol— because only those who are well off and rich people can afford the priciest watches.

I love luxury watches though sometimes they can be very pricey. Cartier Tank Americaine Ladies’ Watch is my all time dream watch. For me this is the most beautiful and elegant among luxury watches. This watch has an 18k white gold case, an adorable 18k white gold strap with diamonds on it and it also has set of diamonds on its bezel.

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Buying expensive watches for some rich people is really a habit. They love to collect luxury watches of every brand and style. In Thewatchery.com you can find almost all brands of beautiful luxury watches like Movado and Tag Heuer. They only sell new and authentic watches with serial numbers and they also offer return policy and warranty, so it’s safe to buy your watch here.

Luxury watches can be expensive but let’s admit that the elegance that they can add to our looks is priceless.

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