June 30, 2009

Cheap Hotels to Stay in Australia

My friend Cheche who lives in Australia keeps on inviting me to visit her there. She said that visiting there won’t be as expensive as I expect if I will plan my vacation and get the best deals in hotels to stay while I am there.

She told me to check cheaperthanhotels.com if I want to book cheaper hotels. Among the places in Australia, she recommends Hobart. She told me that this place being the second oldest capital city of Australia will surely give me the best vacation. There are many superb Central Hobart Hotels where I can stay if I will go in this place too.

She also recommends visiting Launceston and experiencing the Launceston accommodation. She told me how beautiful the place is and the hotel prices here aren’t as bad if I will find the cheaper but with great accommodation. She also told me about the Devonport Tasmania and the great Devonport Tasmania Accommodation.

Truly if you are smart enough to find the best deals in hotels, visiting Australia won’t be as expensive as we thought. We just have to plan our vacation wisely.


  1. Hopefully ur plan about vacation will go on.
    Have a fun day Donnalyn, as i brought u a fun tag in my latest post. Plz grab it!

  2. i'll wait for you to come here in Australia.