June 5, 2009


What are the hottest and the coolest cars this year? Car is considered to be one of our necessities here in US. Everyone needs it for transportation that’s why I am getting one for myself soon.

In buying a car, it’s hard to choose which car is the best for you because buying a new car is no joke. They are generally expensive. So for me to have more information about what’s in and hot and which one has the best deal, I read some car reviews online. After some browsing, I considered the following cars deserve to be on my top list.

1.) 2009 Audi S5 - This car has a 9.2 out of ten overall rating in TheCarConnection.com. Audi as a car brand is known as a luxury and expensive car like Mercedes-Benz and BMW’s, so expect 2009 Audi S5 to be expensive. According to car pros this car has high ratings when it comes to its performance, style, comforts and other good features. It maybe expensive but I’m sure it is worth every penny and this one is on my top list.

2.) 2010 Lincoln MKT - This is a stylish crossover with truck-based SUV’s interior room. It has the coolest style and feature and it is fuel efficient compared to most SUV’s. If you like the 2009 Lincoln MKT, I’m sure you will love this one too.

3.) 2009 Nissan Maxima - This car has an adorable looks. Its interior design is so stylish. It also has excellent sport seats, great steering and it offers a quiet absorbent ride. It has an overall 8 out of ten rating in TheCarConnection.com.

4.) 2010 Ford Transit Connect - This car is the least expensive compared to the other mentioned cars above. This car is initially geared for commercial but I can really say this can also be for personal use. This one has a large space for cargo that’s why it is more of commercial than personal use.

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