April 19, 2009

A Poor Man's Agony

by Donnalyn Weir

Sometimes you feel that everything is against you
That the world is so cruel that everyone seems to be your foe
You look at yourself in the mirror and there you see
You’re not the one you wanted to be
For the reflection only tells you nothing
But a poor man who can never owns anything
You asked yourself “Why Am I like this?”
“Am I being cursed to get only the least?”
Your physical appearance isn’t good
Your pocket has nothing that you can’t almost buy your food
You look around you and the only thing that’s obvious
You have a house that no one else will ever be envious

Tears are falling down from your tired eyes
While looking up, praying that fate will be kind
To someone like you who has nothing in life
But hope that one day you will also see light
To guide you in reaching your dreams
That are seem to be unreachable
The dream that someday you will also be capable
Of preparing abundant foods on your table
So you can invite those street kids and poor people
To come and eat the foods that are so delicious
Giving joy to their eyes that are so precious

You wipe your tears away
As you start to face the reality
That the world is so devious
And the word UNFAIR isn’t mysterious
You can see it when power defeats the weak
When rich enjoys spending his money
While poor man works so hard to get something that’s barely
Enough to let him eat for a day

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