April 19, 2009

Oh America!

by Donnalyn Weir

Oh America, Land of Liberty
What has happened to thee?
Where was your unfading love and beauty?
Can we still call you, Land of Opportunity?

God had blessed you so
That the whole world looked up you with awe
But now, why do nations hate you?
And people consider you their foe?

Do you still want our God to be pleased?
Of the goodness and freedom you had promised
Or maybe now you are one of those selfish beasts
That even taking care of you people is now on you last list.

Oh America!
Where is your democracy?
Do you still have it?
I am hoping.
I am praying.

1 comment:

  1. A beautiful ode to America.
    We all should be proud of our countries as it is up to us to continue growing stronger and smarter to better it. One can only hope that the people in power also feel that we the people are what makes the country work.

    Thanks you for such powerful words!